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  1. please tell me im doing something wrong, when I put in 1.2/2cu ft tuned to 45 with an 8 inch round port and 2 flared ends I'm getting 127" long?!! can that be right and obviously I can't get that length so what tradeoffs are avail to shorten that to something practical??
  2. so that would be an 8" diameter port to get the 50 sq in?? how long would that need to be in a 1.2/2 box and is that possible with only 3.2 total area to work with due to the box material volume, sub and port displacement? I can have the majority of the port outside of the box even if it came 8-12" into the back seat as I don't have kids or anything back there that's important. lol
  3. and if the sealed side is one cube, then the center frequency of the sealed side would be 44.58hz so the ported side would need to be tuned to that for the best result...? and I planned on using a round port for the least resistance and ease of installation with several inches outside the box to carry it through the blow thru and keep the ported side smaller by reducing the displacement needed but is there a certain diameter that will work best for my application or I should say, what diameter is the best for it?? thx again
  4. so would I start with thr manufacturers recommended sealed side of 1 cube and then try different volumes for the ported side until I reach the most output and then adjust the port accordingly to the shortest length that eliminates port noise or is anyone willing and able to punch the numbers in winisd or comparable and lmk the ideal volumes and port size/length?? Any help is greatly appreciated and then I'm a little on the fence of baffle placement with the trunk space symmetrical and the port fixed in the center to line up with the armrest of the rear seat, I am inverting the sub which helps offset the difference between the sealed side being smaller, but do I not want the port directly in front of the sub if in my case it would be the magnet/motor which is pole vented so it seems it would be okay compared to being in front of the dust cap if it wasn't inverted...? Otherwise, I believe I would need to maybe angle the baffle or put it perpendicular to the port??
  5. the armrest opening is 8x10 and I was thinking the same with the tuning at 45 hertz to match the sealed side and keep from having two peaks. I believe the manufacturer called for 1 cube sealed but .75 is possible too...?
  6. I am having the most trouble with WinISD and Sub Box Pro I think it was. I have a 2003 Lexus IS300 with the perfect trunk access through the rear armrest and want to put my single Sundown SA12D2 3rd rev into a 4th order bandpass box with the port coming 2-5" out of the box and into the rear armrest and seal off the trunk. I am running a Audiopipe class D mono sub amp with 900 watts RMS at 1 ohm. I have room for the box to be 30" wide x 14" tall x 17" deep. Any help is greatly appreciated. I listen to all genres of music but mostly hip hop and I do have a subsonic filter besides the LPF. I am running Skar 6.5" components up front and Skar 6.5" mids (not coaxial) in the rear on a DB Drive 5 channel with the sub powering a 6.5" Audiopipe BD4 that I have yet to install and will need to find a place to put it along with a sealed enclosure for my high bass and therefore am not afraid to have a lower freq bandpass from the 4th order enclosure. Any help is GREATLY APPRECIATED!!! Thank You as well as any advice anyone has for placement of the 6BD4 D2 Audiopipe that will run on the sub channel of the BD Drive amp...?
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