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  1. I'm looking to install two deaf bonce amplifiers into my 2016 ford focus. The amps I'm planning to install are a Apocalypse AAB-4900.1D & Apocalypse AAB-500.4D. I have already received quotes from brand x alternators, they recommend a 270 amp max alt for my vehicle, and I plan to replace my stock battery with a xs power D4700 under the hood and another one, or larger, in the rear near the amps, big 3 wiring will be done as well. All wire will be OFC, And I do know that I need to, and plan on, fusing the wire between all the different batteries and amps using SMD fuse and ground distribution blocks. My question is with regards to the wire size that would be best for this setup? I know 1/0 is fused at about 300 amps so I should be fine to run the big 3 from my alt to the battery under the hood as the alternator wont be able to put out more than the amperage the wire can take, but should I run a single 1/0 or 2/0 run to the rear battery or multiple 1/0 runs?. If i've done my math correctly at 90% efficient for the 4900.1 and 500.4 at 12.4v the 4900.1 should draw about 440amps worth of power plus an additional 72amps for the 500.4 (800/.90=x/12.4). I've installed 3000 watt systems in the past and always used 1/0 gauge with no issues along with making sure all my electrical was upgraded as well, but this is the first time I'm looking to install an amplifier well over that in terms of wattage and power consumption and I only want to tear my car apart once to install all the wire and have it done right the first time. Thanks in advance for any advice and input.
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