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  1. I'm working on a Skar Audio ZVX 18, and I have all other specs down. KickerU is giving me a square port, instead of a rectangular one. The square port is 8.86in by 8.86. Is there a way I could change this port to a rectangular one, without changing the tuning frequency? Tuning is 30hz, as requested by owner. Thanks to all who answer, and have a good rest of your day! -Mason
  2. I am currently using kickers KickerU off my phone, and it already has given me a box with dimensions and a rendering for these subwoofers. I was just wondering if the resonant frequency is what I should tune the box to for maximum low note response. I mean, I'm asking if 27hz tune sounds good to someone with a lot more experience than me since I am a lot younger. But thanks for the info! I will probably start using this program, since it is better than using my phone.
  3. Hello fellow bassheads! I am looking to create a subwoofer enclosure for two Rockford p3 12s. The resonant frequency is 27.7hz. Is that what I should tune this box to? Or is there another frequency that will help with my goal of dominating those low notes? Thank you to all who respond! Have a good day! - Mason
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