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  1. Oh man. I haven’t heard anything negative. Seemed to be the only head unit I could find that looked factory and being big. Plus I can’t stand the looks of those “floating” screens now. Just seems too intrusive. I wanted something that looked factory while giving me all the necessary outputs and quality I needed for the system. I’ll have to research some on it but I’ve been running it 3 months without a hiccup personally. Albeit off the factory speakers for now.
  2. Good evening y’all. I’ve got a 2017 Regular Cab Short Bed Silverado and looking to build my sound system. I am going to have a full custom box built to max size behind my seats then base the subs off what airspace I can get but, I was looking into a set JL 13TW5V2-4 knowing I’ll need shallow mounts and each only needing 0.8sqft of space. Going for more of an SQ build and have heard these are great subs to go with. I was thinking of pairing them up to a Mosconi 1000.1 Amp, Focal KX2 Components with a Mosconi 130.4. All running off the Stinger Heigh10 Head Unit. Maybe some other options on Subs? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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