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  1. Just run as many alternators as you want or can fit and build a lithium a bank. A very powerful lithium bank is usually half to a 1/4 of the size of a agm bank. Of course depending on chemistry type you use. I use 128ah headway as it lets me run on stock voltage and it holds 14v no problem at all with two Sundown SFB 8000 amps. The headway banks are broken up into two 64ah banks the size of a small car battery as it allows me to mount them in the rear fender well on each side so it saves me a ton of space. Before I was running 4 XS 6500 batteries dropping down to 12.2 volts and taking up half my trunk space. Lithium prices on self made banks have come down to reasonable prices nowadays. You could run an lto bank shape it how you want and have a really small foot print.
  2. What does your electrical look like? When you are talking about runs are you speaking from the alternator or battery bank? If you are running from the Alternator you only need enough wire to handle the amount of amps the alt can put out. If you are talking from a battery bank or lithium bank then that would be different. If running from the alternator to a battery bank unless you have a huge alternator 2 runs of 1/0 should be fine. From there single or dual 1/0 runs to the amps should be good.
  3. I knew that I would be suggested to set gains with a AMM1. I set gains using the DMM played a 40hz test tune set the volume on my radio and tuned the LCI2 pro until just before it’s clip lite came on this is giving me about 3.9-4.0 volts out of the RCA’s. I then calculated the square root of 4000 watts which is 63.2 volts and set each amps gain to match that voltage. One Amps gain is about 1/4 of the way up the other just a tad bit more. I then set my LPF/HPF-subsonic filter. Using a 20hz test tune and 80hz test tune respectively. If all this is incorrect please let me know . This is just how I do it until I get the SMD tools or whatever proper tools I need. I designed/built the box for the Skars, tuned to 33hz for these I originally step out of my comfort zone and built a box with an 8” octagon port but it was tuned to high for some reason. I messed up my calculations somewhere. So I decided to let someone else that does designing full time seeing me one and I built it. after I made the post I went back out to double check everything and one thing I just happen to notice was as I had the system playing I popped the trunk to check something and the bass instantly got louder and cleaned up. So I guess my previous sealing job between the cabin and trunk needs to be rechecked or resealed. I know before when I had the skar subs i foam sealed off the trunk around the box and cabin and foamed the back deck. I could open the trunk and it would make zero difference as it was a good seal. So tomorrow I will reseal everything and I bet that helps alot and give the subs time to break in. I believe you design boxes correct? If so I can tell you the complete specs and if you think it needs to be rebuilt with different specs I can do that.
  4. So just upgraded my system from 2 Skar VXF 12’s, RP 4500 running at 0.5 ohms, 3 AGM batteries, AC LCI Pro. Custom birch box 35w, 14H, 28D. 60sqinch of port. This system slammed hard had tons of people complement it and was shocked by it. Year passes and I decide it’s time to get some good upgrades. went with 2 12” B2 Audio Rage XL’s dual 2 ohm in a custom MDF box designed by Houston audio labs, 2x Sundown Audio SFB 8000 running 1ohm to each sub, 128AH’s of Headway lithium 2x dual 1/0 runs to each amp same Lci2 pro coming off stock head unit. While I know this system is still breaking in. It just seems like these subs just aren’t hitting as loud or as low as the VXF did. I’m not for sure if it’s because they need to be broken in more or even though they are more than twice the price of the Skar they just weren’t the upgrade I thought they would be. Amps are tuned using a DMM just like my skar setup was. RCA voltage output is good amp output is good. Oh yeah subs are facing forward port forward trunk sealed up. Anyone have any suggestions on stuff I can check or should I have gone with different subs?
  5. Just wanted to give an update on my order that way if anyone else experiences delays and searches they will see down 4 sound is just a little behind. . Woke up this morning and checked and UPS now actually picked up the order. So just looks like down 4 sound was about 8 days behind on orders due to the holiday sales. Once I get everything in I will have 2 Sundown SFB 8000.1 amps pushing 2 B2 Audio Rage XL 12's in a custom octoport box, with 128AH of headway lithium. Still have a few things to tidy up but, should come out pretty nice.
  6. I understand that with Black Friday and Cyber Monday. When I posted the original message I was just a little frustrated. with Down 4 Sound and Sundown Audio but, that's a whole other story. My order number is 191890 order placed Nov 27th and still hasn't shipped out yet.
  7. Just curious if anyone else is having shipping issues with sown4sound? Ordered an amp from them over a week ago and only a label has been printed. Called twice to ask what is going on and no one can seem to give me an answer of what is going on. Pretty disappointed with their customer service.
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