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  1. Alright guys as some of yall might have seen.....or might not have, I started twitch streaming to help build a community for everyone to join and what I've been looking for is for someone to build me my logo just the name fennygolf like in my profile picture into a sign i can hang off my wall in the back ground of my stream. I would like for it also to be colored with my theme the white black and lime green with LED light up. Plus when people come to the stream and ask where I had it made i can point them in your direction for more possible future business. If anyone is interested please let me know. I am in no rush to have this done by next week cause I know it takes time to build something like this, but if anyone is willing to take on this project please let me know. Much love the OG fennygolf
  2. thanks brother its okay if you dont know what it is but your always welcome to stop by if you wanna do so
  3. Hey everyone I know most of y'all don't know who i am but I have been part of this community for almost 12 years had to create a new account cause I lost my password to the old one (sad times) but I started Twitch streaming about 3 months ago and have been trying to build a community were everyone is welcome from car audio addicts like us to golfer or scale model builders. I want to be the place people can come and relax and have a good time and make new friends and and join the family that is more then welcome to invite you to the Country Club community. Remember to always spread the love and share the positivity. twitch.tv/fennygolf
  4. welp everyone i hate to say it but ive been trying for a month or so now to recover my password but i cant get into old email account so i guess ill start from scratch had 11 years on that account if i remember correctly but oh well i'm here and ready to rubble how has everyone been
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