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  1. if you’ve got the room under the hood you could probably install a second alternator that is not regulated by ecu or reliant on a can-bus… I’d probably look for one off of a vehicle that is well supported *high output GM style for example. The secondary alt could be wired in a way that has it running only your audio equipment and or any other auxiliary electronics. I’d wait to hear more input from others before you start buying things though. It’s completely possible that someone has come up with a much simpler solution then what I’m suggesting… You would probably need to fab all the parts yourself and get a bit creative with how you integrate it with your existing drive belts and pulley set-up (or find someone who has some hands on experience and a good understanding of automotive electrical systems)
  2. Video plays for me when I press play using phone and also laptop. The issue seems to be something I’ll just have to live with and address as needed. If this were a newer vehicle, finding an effective and clean looking solution would be more important I guess. I do drive it on a regular basis but its primary purpose is being an off-road toy and nearly every exterior panel has moderate damage from dragging across rocks, trees, etc. The roof now leaks because of all the areas that have cracked so that’s getting to be a nuisance. I’ve experienced this in other vehicles aswell but not nearly as bad as in my explorer. I put a 18” lms ultra in my girlfriend’s 08’ 4runner and the stamped steel bracket that holds the power window motor for rear hatch tore away from the inner door skin. The E430 that I no longer own had similar issues within trunk, assuming the dss trident was responsible for that damage 😬 any preventative measures I could take in the future? Layer on some quality sound dampening mat, add mass, bracing?
  3. I’ve got a couple 18” ZV5’s running off a Taramp bass 8k in my 2000 explorer and I’m wondering what others have done to prevent or correct damage caused by constant flexing of the sheet metal throughout their vehicles? My rear hatch and also a few areas along roof have developed so many cracks a complete tears that I’ve lost track of how many. The rear hatch has shown the most damage. Mounting brackets for wiper motor and lock actuator fell apart, spot welds along perimeter have almost all came apart, reinforced area where hinges mount at top have began to pull through the sheet metal, etc. most “normal” people would probably suggest turning volume down but they don’t understand…. IMG_0677.MOV
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