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  1. Looking for a B2 15” shipped to 83646 must be fully functional! tyvm
  2. Im trying to stay away from upgrading Alt and batteries. Trying to get away w/stock. might do big3. as I’m looking at my FI, it looks like it was the dust cap that ripped. I’m guessing glue would be a temp fix. Any recommendations on glue?
  3. Im kicking myself in the ass because a buddy picked up a DD1 a months ago, I never went to set gains properly. Live n learn SSA is on the table. I’m open to a few more subs before I roll the dice. out here in Idaho, not many Bass guys to hear what they own. found my box specs, it’s 2.25 cubes @34hz
  4. I set gains by ear. About 2 months ago I felt the sub was asking for more gains and I raised it a tad. It blew on a song I play often by E-40, G.O.A.T. It sounds like if I glue the torn areas, it plays like normal. I just don’t want to Mickey Mouse it. Never paid any mind to SSA, I’ll have to check it out.
  5. Currently have a 21 Tahoe and today I blew my 1.5 yr old FI X12 sub. Stock alt and wiring (no big 3) and running an FSD2600 amp. Custom box for this sub. It was nice to install the sub in 2020 right out of the dealer, did great but definitely lacked power. I was considering the SSD12 but it looks like they are not selling them anymore. any other recommendations other than sundown, skar, JL, kicker, punch or Orion? I play a lot of old school rap, E-40, snoop, Dre, Obie Trice, Juvi along with Spanish music. Looking for deep, low bass under 350.00 i need to look at specs but I believe box is 2.5 cubes @34hz. tyvm!
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