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  1. matte finish shows every damn fingerprint and not ideal to clean. gloss or satin
  2. Hey, switched it up. A different site I seen had it at .3 but I'm not sure. More cuft won't hurt me tbh I'll only be running a JP23 or at least that's the plan. Started slapping shit together, got it test fitted and peeped what it was lookin like with the subs sitting in it. Pretty happy with the results though, just needs some paint.
  3. For sure, didn't know how to add those values in I don't know the displacement on the subs. Umm, I'm gonna cut the wood thickness down to 3/4 instead of 1" anyways cause thats all thats avail near me and tweak some numbers
  4. Hey there, purchased a Crown Vic recently ( I know, trunk car. Backseats don't fold down, etc ). I just ordered 2 Skar EVL 15s. Will probably be putting them on a JP23 but that's still up in the air until I make some electrical adjustments and whatnot (big3 & new batt) Where I would like to locate the box, in the deepwell of the trunk the specs are 40w, 25h, 24d. Slot or aeroport doesn't matter, PREFERABLY slot though because I'm starting this build from scratch so thats money towards something else like wiring. The recs on their site were: Recommended Ported Volume: 3.50 ~ 3.75 ft³ Recommended Port Area: 45.0 in² Recommended Tuning Frequency: 31 Hz I'd be fine with 32-33 Hz tuning though. Appreciate anything and everything and will process of said box being built as well if that interests you.
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