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  1. Ok so I've been doing research and honestly I'm kinda stumped, I know I wanna go with lithium titanate but I would like to avoid building my own bank so I've been looking at cased cells https://www.google.com/amp/s/store.soundsolutionsaudio.com/amp/ces-custom-electric-service-40ah-lto-battery-cased-lithium-10-spot-terminals-actively-balanced/ https://caraudiobargain.com/xs-power-ioxus-ix-3160-60ah-lithium-lto-battery-10-000-rms-handling/ But would I be able to hook my current battery terminals up to it without a battery delete since my battery is already in the trunk or do I still need to do a delete and run everything off that? I have a BMW e46 sedan with an h8(group 49) duralast agm in the trunk as my "under the hood" battery. Still new to car audio and this is my second build (first was a single 12 on 800 watts) so I've got a lot to learn, any feedback is appreciated. Thanks
  2. Well damn i guess I made the right choice then, sounds like a nice guy and all I've heard is good things. I talked to him yesterday and order a purple 390a, At first I thought it was kind of expensive but hey, you get what you pay for. Might even say you get what you pay for and then some with Mike.
  3. Well I'm set on a new alt now instead of an amp, gonna order a singer 390a, unless anyone has any other ideas. I have an e46
  4. I was thinking about this, and I could run both off the 1 amp and the get another jp23 after my electrical is upgraded. Dose anyone know what size alt I'll need for 5k watts? I was looking online and the largest I could find is a 250a, I have an e46 so it's kinda hard to find ho alts
  5. I plan on upgrading eventually and 4k amps are expensive, I have a budget of 550 give or take 100. Also, I'm new and I've only had 1 amp and 1 sub before this so I'm not very educated.
  6. I need help deciding on an amp to purchase, I'm currently running one kicker cvx12 wired at 1 ohm to a 800 watt pioneer amp. I recently purchased a couple FI bl12v3s fully loaded and have been looking for an amp to run them at 1 ohm. No, I don't have the electrical to support an amp to run them but I plan on playing it low and watching voltage till I upgrade, can anyone suggest an amp, would like 2.5 to 4k at 1ohm and 1.5 or more at 2. Budget is 550usd but I'm willing to pay more if it's high value and on sale or if I just feel impulsive enough. I've been looking at the crescendo symphony s1 plus but I'm still new to car audio, (built my first system less than a year ago) and don't wanna make a purchase and then regret it, like I did with my cvx. Thanks in advance for any support/advice, I really appreciate it, -Nico
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