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  1. Also, looking at this now... would the sides need to be sealed off? As in at the back of the box, would that need to be sealed off to make it work properly?
  2. Hello. I have designed and built many enclosures over the years but never got into 4th and 6th order as the math seemed a little too much for me. I picked up a 02 Sonoma yesterday and I have always wanted to build a blow through. I took basic measurements and then started playing in sketchup to see what it would physically fit. I know that this design would fit, but I am almost certain it wouldn't work as is without tweaking. Does anyone know of a place I can do some research on enclosure maths to get this dialed in? I am attaching the sketchup screen shots to show what I am thinking. Thanks! (overall measurements are 40x72x16)
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