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  1. Gotcha. I'm mainly looking for a good name that makes high quality parts. Color doesn't really matter, but would be nice to have it in white from the manufacturer. At the end of the day, I can get anything painted/powder coated. Seems like theres a lot of deferring opinions in car audio when it comes to brand names. Any in particular I should stay away from? Are some brand focused on SPL over SQ?
  2. I'm somewhat new to the car audio scene, and was looking to do a new build in my car. I'm eyeing up a pair of 12" Kicker CompQ's (not 100% set on them), and was going to pair it with a B2 RAGE 2500v2. Looking online for reviews of B2 to see other's opinions, and I've only been able to find posts from years ago. The couple people I've talked to in the past week haven't had the best of opinions on B2 amps. I've seen Meade use B2 woofers countless times, and was hoping that extending to their amps as well. I just love the white coating to B2's amps, as that matches my car's paint and it's the look I'm going for. Any input would be appreciated.
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