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  1. Hello I want to purchase 2 subwoofers and I don't know which. I live in Europe so i narrowed it down to two. Edge edp122spl (uk) or ground zero gzhw 12xspl (germany). Both are 12 inch , both have 1500wrms. The only difference is the voice coil size and price, ground zero being 50% more expensive. That's not a problem. Here are some specs... Please help me choose one
  2. Hello everyone. What test tone should I use for my HU until I get distortion? I've set the HU with 0db test tones until i got distortion on rca , then I moved to amp speaker output and switched to -7.5 db test tone until I've got distortion. Is this correct or I should also look for distortion on the HU with -7.5db tt (I want to use -7.5 on my system )
  3. As the title says , where should my LPF be when setting the gain? At the desired position or at max ?
  4. I've looked it up , but I'm from Europe and can't find it to buy here..
  5. Hello everyone I'm pretty new to car audio so I would like to learn. Thank you very much for your time reading this and helping if you can I have read a lot of forums about setting the gains and a lot of them says to tune by ear , but I don't feel like I can tell the difference and I'm afraid to not damage the speakers if set incorrectly. I don't have an o-scope , only a DMM . I know how to set the gains with a DMM but I've heard this is not the right way... So I have a 5 channel amp , 1 ch to each door , and a sub. The speakers are 100w rms, 4 ohm each , and the amp can put out the same power for each ch. The sub is 500w rms 4ohm , again the amp can do the same. So I have set the gains using a DMM , HU on 75% then adjust the gain until I've reached the correct voltage (20v for each ch and 44v for sub ) . I set them with test tones of 0db... now i've read that this is not right...( AGAIN ) , and should use a -5db or even -10db test tone. I've been running this setup for 1 year , and I feel like it's not powerful enough , i think even my small pc subwoofer of 60watts sounds louder . So I started raising question marks and found this forum , read some old threads , and found out I'm doing everything wrong.. Can someone please shed some light.. I appreciate it
  6. Hello everyone , I`m new to this forum . I`ve been searching for an answer for some time now and can`t find it. So for example I have a 500 W rms subwoofer , and an 500w rms amp. The sub is rated for 1000W peak, how can i reach that , when I set my gains , I get only 500W then the signal clips. So i will never reach 1000W peak. Buying a bigger amp for let`s say 1000w rms , and setting the sub that way will mean it will play all the time at 1000W (peak ) and blow. Is peak only for SPL competitions where you do 2 3 sec of peak , or I should hear it when playing music in my car and a big bass drop comes in ? Please someone... I need some light on this.
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