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  1. I seen on meades videos he did like a 4ga ground from battery terminal to alternator. So that had me extra confused. Shouldn’t i do my big 3 with 0 gauge then run 0 gauge from engine bay battery to the battery in the trunk? Any suggestions on what post adapters to use for a d4800? I really don’t want to cut my factory ground and power harness/terminals in the engine bay and they’re setup pretty weird so any suggestions on what to do would be helpful. I have 2 XS power AGM bats and a nice alternator to put on. If anyone else has done a build on a new escalade please post some pics so i can see how you routed your power/ground from engine bay to trunk. And what size wires/pics of your big 3 in engine bay. Im running a orion dsplx 3000 and a DC audio level 5 single 12. Also should i use a audiocontrol lc2 or should i use the amp pro sub interface kit? I bought both so i can return whichever i don’t use. Thank you in advance
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