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  1. Is that what you meant? I'm really trying to understand what you are saying? Is tuning to 25hz the wrong part and I'm missing something. I would love to just figure out where I can tune to and not have the lows roll off terribly bad and figure out what im doing wrong port wise.
  2. What would the disadvantage be? So alot of the music I listen to is pretty low hz basslines and I love the feeling as well. So shouldn't I tune lower or am I wrong? So I'm gathering i should cut the net volume down to .95 and have a port with 16.6 in² ish.
  3. Ok I think I'm following along. Maybe. So I have 1.84ft³ total. Driver displacement is .055 so 1.78ft³. Minus port at 25hz? So shouldn't this port 1t 14ish by .5in(included screenshot) or is that gonna chuff? So my manual that it came with says single large would be .95ft³ how much over that would be bad do you think? Sorry I'm trying to learn and the planning phase seems to always give me trouble. Any advice is appreciated.
  4. Do you think I need additional bracing? And I figured the port would take a significant chunk of the volume.? What issues could I run into having too much volume?
  5. Sorry those are the inside dimensions and the whole box outside width is 45in
  6. So this box is going in the trunk of an 02 explorer. The flat piece farthest goes towards the lift gate. Obviously the other two boards are removed to show innards. So as is each chamber is about 1.84 cubic feet. I'm thinking rearfiring and I want to do this ported to maybe 25hz or so. I'm trying to figure out bracing and port and sub placement/configuration. Both subs are running off a soundqubed s1 1250 running a rediculous impedance somewhere around 1 ohm(yes it handles it very well in my opinion and has never gone into protect or any issues). Spec sheet included among other things, can give more details if needed and any help is much appreciated. (Edit) Sorry I'm retarded... I have two gtx 102s. GTX_USER_GUIDE_7.29.2020 (2).pdf
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