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  1. Box dimensions for the one in the trunk is 30W 16H 20D but In the picture you see I have more room to go to the front of the trunk so I would go another 6 inches to the depth
  2. okay so could anyone help me with a six order for this sub. It’s 1 12 so I don’t think size should be an issue I have a whole trunk Hey guys so I have 1 sundown nsv3 12 on a crescendo 3k in a 2008 Acura TL type s. I was wanting to get some help in building a design for it. I’m currently running my 3ft^3 box at 27hz slot port but I’ve noticed all the 150+ db builds have aero ports in the drivers side of the box and subs facing forwards or backwards. Kinda want to see want you guys think and I’m very open to trying 6th orders as well they just seem complicated Still need to get my 370amp alternator and 48 ah headway hooked up with 2 runs of 0 gauge so don’t mind the 4 gauge splitter lol
  3. Hey @Joe XI was wondering if you could help me design a box for my 1 nsv3 12 in my 2008 Acura TL type s. So I’ve seen a lot of loud 150+ trunk builds have aero port inside box on the drivers side not really sure what to do tbh I’m currently running slot port 3ft^3 27hz
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