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  1. Growing up in Arizona in the 80's like many went to work at fosgate for employee discounts for my ride Now that I am in my late 40's I still enjoy loud clear music which leads me to my issues with current ride. I spend hours a day running down the freeways with little to do other than listen to tunes. Current truck: 2018 Chevy 2500HD crew cab with mudders for that clean background hum that only disappears when tunes up. Truck has 2 x Optima AGM Yellow Top DH6 800CCA with regulator Currently has 190 amp Alternator with bracket and harness for second not installed and of course is controlled by computer . Pioneer 4500NEX head unit - been happy with Power wire is Rockford Fosgate RFK1 1/0 with dual chassis grounds to amp Amplified is Rockford Fosgate 25 to life Power 1000 ( I own 2 with second in my wifes jeep willy) Front and back door components are again Rockford Fosgate Power Edition T2652-S's Subs are Dual Rockford Fosgate P3SD2-10's under back seat. So the issue currently is two parts. Even with HLED headlights and LED light bars for Amber etc I still watch battery drop from 14V to 10ish under heavy volume while driving in bass heavy songs. I am debating on adding second 190 as my truck spends a lot of time at idle where alternator output is lower. Second issue is distortion which is due to needing to adjust through the system. If any of you know Silverado's and the 25 to life Power 1000 it was not a simple thing to make enough room for the amp behind the rear seat. It required shaving part of the seat brackets and welding new supports . To make any adjustments I have to pull the rear seat completely out as well as sub enclosure. I have had zero heat issues as I tapped into one of the rear ac vent ducting and forced that air across the amp removing a lot of the heat. I am pretty rusty in adjusting inputs and crossovers as well as gains. I was thinking of buying one of SMD's kits to do this. I am open to suggestions and of course I know there is better components than the ones I currently have however I would like to get my current dialed in and in the future may replace components over time. Thanks
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