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  1. Thanks. I'll have to look around up here for a crv. I'm in Northern WI and he is in Birmingham, AL. Maybe I can find a car lot with one on it close by.
  2. Thank you. I will double check with him. I thought the port in the middle might add extra strength.
  3. My friend is looking to put (4) JL 12w7's in a ported box in his 2003 Honda CRV. Each one running off a Slash 1000/1. I have a box drawn with the 12's mounted facing up along with the port facing up as well (his request). I read along of threads with (2) 12w7's, and I can't quite get the 2.5 cuft that was recommended in them. I guess my question is about the port size and length. I can design a bridge fairly easy but I don't know enough about ports or box design to know what will work well. I've attached my sketch. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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