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  1. Oh, is there a really good shop in the Bragg or surrounding region that is recommended for custom enclosures/fabrications?
  2. So I’ve narrowed down some of my options. Alpine Type Rs 6.5 Alpine Type X 6.5 or just redo the whole front stage with Hertz 163.3 3 way or similar setup Either way I know a new amp would be necessary so any recommendations for the above would be great. May be a month or two before I could pull the trigger but info in the meantime would be great.
  3. So I currently have the following. DC 2000k 2 Alpine type X 12 subs. Prefab Metra vented box at 38hz, going to get a custom enclosure made soon hopefully tuned to 32hz. Want lower but unfortunately it’s my only vehicle and military so need some room in the trunk for storage. kenwood KAC-3104 75x4 at 2ohms 50x4 at 4ohms JL 6.5 C1-650 6.5 4ohms 50w rms door pretty much deadened fully, have to replace the plastic panel due to a really bad scratch before I can finish the doors. JL C1 650 tweeter Kicker 47KSC3504 3.5 Mids. Cut the tweeter line. Expert 6ch Bluetooth DSP Playing around with the dsp I have found an ideal setup with my subwoofer remote turned down. This is subs crossed over at 75hz 24db, 6.5s 65hz-250hz 24db. 3.5s 180hz and up with the tweeters on a passive crossover. I do want to got to a full active setup in the future now that I’m back on active duty and actually have funds. So with this it sounds pretty good. Be great for road-tripping when I have the backseat up and the trunk filled with gear or whatever. Issue is when I am daily driving and I want the bass up. All of the mid bass from the front feels over powered by the subwoofer. I have messed with all sorts of crossover points but it still feels like the 70hz to 200hz area gets drowned out and I can localize them bass to the rear or the bass is in front but it’s not as impactful So what options do I have. Ideally I’d like the to have a preset for good front stage with pretty decent bass available for my road-trips when using my subs isn’t ideal but also have the capability on another preset to go ham but it sound cleaner. 1. I can do about $500 right now. Invest in a better amp for the mids and highs tune lower for now then get a full 3 way of higher quality later? 2. wait a few months for my budget to go up go with a full 3-way Component and better amp/dsp? 3. Wait longer and do a custom fab with 8” for midbass and swap the 3.5 and tweets? Been racking my brain for weeks on this. Finally what speaker/amps would you suggest either short term and/or long term? I’m not looking to compete but I do like clean sounding Music that is fairly loud. Where I am right now is about the loudest I want just want a little more quality. sorry for long post. Love this forum. Helped a lot with setting gains, crossovers and the like but this is just beyond my pay grade. Lol
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