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  1. Guess I'll just get the bigger amp and turn it down if it flexes too much. Definitely don't want to be missing out on any power
  2. Mostly going to be normal rap songs, occasionally some bass boosted music in the low to mid 30s. Thinking of getting the box tuned to 32-34 in that range.
  3. So I've been planning up a build for a 98 Monte Carlo. I want it to be two 12 inch subs and the port facing forward through the folded down rear seats. The main thing I've been trying to figure out is how powerful I can get before the roof flexing starts to become a concern with damaging the windshield or back glass, or separating from the glass. So if anyone has a similar setup and can share their experience that would be great. I was thinking about doing 2 base power PSI platform 5 subs on a crossfire 8k amp, but I want to know if I can step up to the high power 4500 watt subs on the Star Power 10,000 (11k rms) without any big concerns. I'm going to put 120 mil sound deadener all over the roof and the rest of the car to strengthen it (the car doesn't have a sunroof). But I don't want to put in a roof brace, I want my car to look very stock inside.
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