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  1. We’ll I had a box for 12s before but I need to rebuild a whole new box now
  2. I just got 2 skar zvx 15s and I need to rebuild a blowthrough for these I don’t know what would be best 4th or 6th order and how many square feet should I do each side and how big should the ports be
  3. I’m looking to do a blowthrough for 2 skar Audio zvx 15s but I don’t know wether to do 4th or 6th order and port sizes and cubic feet for each side help me out someone please 

  4. We’ll for the meantime I’m sticking with that but I have no space on the inside of my truck and was later planning on upgrading to some other 12s
  5. I have a 2004 gmc sierra im planning on doing a blow through for im putting 2 slat audio sdr 12 into it but don’t know if a 4th or 6th order would be better and how to build it.
  6. I’ve had ds18 ds18 prozt6 they carry a bullet tweeter in the center and it sounds loud clear and can hit some very high notes I would recommend trying them out
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