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  1. Thought it might be cool if the song "What is love" was slowed and maybe the bass boosted or something?? Anyone done this yet?
  2. Anyone got this song? I think its called 'this is for the bassheads' i cant find it anywhere. Thanks
  3. Nice but where did i finish? Looks like the video was cut short. . .when was florida finals? Oh and the equipment in spooky is only 4 15inch targa woofers and 2 tg 55 amplifiers. Peace
  4. that is correct. This was done on the new world record meter, reads about .5 higher than termlab.
  5. bass boxing is playing a commercial song for 60seconds on the ac 190 sensor with either one door open or front windows. Sort of like bass race just on the ac 190 and you must have a front door or window open.
  6. well it works best for their system. But yea most common bass boxing songs here are cross roads, breakdown and sexy love
  7. Can a mod pls edit my original post with the proper link. I cant seem to edit my post. Thanks
  8. Yo guys we recently had our iasca semifinals and there were records being broken left right and center. Stock and stock pro divisions breaking into the 160. And then also this crazy bass boxer,
  9. Eminem go to sleep neyo sexy love lil jon bitch bone thugs and harmony cross roads or breakdown
  10. ok wat if i got a 15.5voltage regulator and upgraded the alt to like a 150amp/180amp?
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