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  1. Lol kinda reminds me of this rockford death bin, i think they called it, with 2 15inch p2s with an old ac mic in the corner. Now the aim is to sit in the bin they lock the doors and they turn it up high. Lol and the meter reads 160 gosh i just fucking laughed at these fools
  2. lol to be honest i think the resin only works better because theres alot less room for imperfections i mean the material used doesnt matter one bit to the box but with the mdf it might not be 100% fitting and the angle might be slightly off ect ect. Now in steaves position that tiny thing might make or break a higher score plus he has the ablity and skill to it the perfect way so why do it differently... nothing beats gravity ok i understand putting the 45s in but then wat do you do at the corner of the box? like if i put 45 along the long corners of a box, 3 of them are going to meet at the corner of the box. wat do you do there?
  3. DAM that must have been an awesome trip. but it looks so dead and brown there. no green plants and shit. those babes also look dam hot
  4. I finished school!!! yea!!!!!!!!! i wanna get paid and not work!!!
  5. awesome im on holiday tomorrow!!! finishing my last exam tomorrow!!! oh yeah.
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