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  1. How did you fasten it? Screwed in through the outside of the enclosure?
  2. The "we recommend" section for the amps is a great idea. Its gonna help a lot of people.
  3. I got my port in last night. I had to cut part of the inside flare so it would fit in the box. I had debated removing the inside flare altogether because it virtually blocks all the air in the area behind it. Any suggestions on this?
  4. Here's some pics of the trim ring I made so the xl's would fit in the box: My helper Just barely fit with the trim ring All I need now is my port which is in the mail, 2 batteries are in the mail, a bigger amp is in the mail, and my second xl12 is ordered. ....
  5. So I've been playing with my measurements and if I add a 3rd baffle I can just barely fit the subs inside the box. You guys think this is okay or is it too tight?
  6. Yeah there are 3 holes 2 outside the box and 1 inside. If I carried the box the the back it would only net me like .3 cubes because it has to be so short to fit under the back cushion. I already have 3 cubes net even if I put the subs inside the box.
  7. Ill do a proper build thread later after I get my amps and batteries but for now I figured I'd throw in some pics of the box. I think I'm gonna take about a 1/2" off the total height. Thats as much as I can go and still fit 12's I sat on it and my head barely scrapes the roof. The coffee filter is an 8" diameter and I think the hole cutout for a 6" flare is like 8.25" so I should have just enough room.
  8. Well here's my mock up. I didn't realize I would have to cut a 6.25 hole for 4" aeroports so 3 of them wont fit. I just ordered a 6" kit. I won't have enough port area but its literally my only option.
  9. slot port won't work I've tried every configuration in Torres I'm going to go with (3) 4 inch aeros and see how it works I'll post the results Monday thanks for all the help guys
  10. I'll play with the numbers on that but remember the subs won't fit inside the box they have to be inverted and if I did that I would be able to sit people on the back seat they would have to put their feet on the magnetat least if both subs are off to one side two of the seats are available
  11. Heck yeah I would love the advice. An 8" wont fit with the flare my options are one 6, three 4s or a slot port. None of which are ideal. What is your suggestion? Also, port fired to the side or forward? this box will be my backseat in my f250. I assume the subs will be okay inverted? Any potential problems there?
  12. Honestly, I think you should sell the one 12" you have, and then buy two 10"s. That will fix both your space/port area problem, and your impedance problem. If you are determined to stick with 12"s, you are going to have to make design compromises somewhere. Ideally you should use at least 80 sq in of port area, with 3 cubes of net airspace, tuned to the low 30's. Since you don't have space for that, you are going to need to sacrifice somewhere and it is going to cost you performance one way or another. First thing I suggest is you don't use a triple baffle, a double baffle will be fine. Since the box is narrow that actually makes it stronger. Getting rid of that third baffle should gain you some space. Space isn't an issue I can go wider to 15" and a hair taller but then I'm over 4 cubes and those subs only want 3-3.5 cubes for the pair. My problem is the shape of the box wont let me fit 2 6" aeros. If I stretch it a little I can fit 3 4"aeros. That might be my best ccompromise to staying under 3.5 cubes but thats still only 37 inches of port area. Im sure I can make this work somehow, I wont be competing at all just want to turn some heads.
  13. So do you think if I went with a slot port like this it would be better? I got my port area from 28 to 50 but now my tuning is a bit too high.
  14. So next question, have you bought the subs yet? Given your space constraints you would probably be better served by 10"s. Another thing to think about, based on the amount of power you are going to be running your box really should have a double baffle and some bracing. Both of which are going to further eat into the amount of net volume you have available. Yeah I already have one of the subs which creates a new problem because its a d2 so if I get another I will have to run my amp at 2 ohm. Maybe I could get two amps that can be strapped? It will be triple baffled since the subs are inverted it will be a lot of strain on such a narrow box and as far as bracing I was just going to put aDowell rod in the center 3/4 mdf should span 13" fine.
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