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  1. Oh ok, that makes sense now. Thank you Joe! for the help and clarification. I'll get to cutting soon and post up some pictures and end results.
  2. I have a question about the port, where it says extension 1 x 14 1/2 What does that mean?
  3. Yeah, I have it, I just like to "see" what it will look like on demand.
  4. I think I read that wrong, but side firing port you say? Here's a old box I built for the 18" btl I have when I still had the backseat back there.
  5. I'm trying to regain some space so I can recline back, also, store my tools and second battery behind my sit (which will fit when I recline back without interference) Yes sir! I had one time where the cut out sheet wasn't correct and I had sides of a box that were definitely not the length of top and bottom, lol. Now that's doable! But absolutely squeezing every centimeter there is! like so?
  6. That's awesome Joe X My only concern is......2 12" subs that are 12.5" each overall diameter = 25" + a 5" port width....means the subs would be right next to one another on top of the port.
  7. maximize the screen and alt + print screen then open up paint and paste it then save it as a jpeg or just type in the actual specs/dimensions on here if you don't mind
  8. No, I want around 5 like you're saying, I was just giving my MAX dimensions. I don't want to exceed those at any means.
  9. I'm ready to try a new enclosure design out for my 2 12" SSA Xcon's. They are currently in 7 cubes @ 33hz and I'm wanting to cut back on size a lot. I want another ported box anywhere around 28-32hz and subs firing up along with port as well (if possible). I've messed around with re box calculator and have come up with subs up and port forward. Amp is a 3000d and vehicle is a 01 F150 extended cab with no back seat and I listen to all genre's. Max external dimensions I have are 30" wide x 30" tall x 16" depth Any help or ideas are appreciated! Thanks!
  10. looks like i'm going to go with loudnlow's design the other person's design was throwing me off.....4.7 cubes with 98" port area, which is like 24" of port per ft which is extreme. that being said, would yall like to check my math and let me know from the information i gathered to make a cut sheet from the design he provided. (2) - 48" x 16" (top/bottom) (1) - 48" x 19" (back) (2) - 14 1/2" x 19" (sides) (2) - 21 7/8" x 19" (baffles) (2) - 14 7/16" x 19" (port back wall) (2) - 12 3/8" x 19" (port side wall)
  11. well, i just might, just wanted to see if any others wanted to chime in or add some suggestions.
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