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  1. Sold me an amp for 575, had it shipped out within an hour of payment. Very legit seller. Thanks.
  2. You can download the complete NES rom set here... http://www.theisozone.com/downloads/other-consoles/nes/0--complete-nes-rom-set/ It's only 237.57 MB.
  3. 12voltsavings.com has the battery your looking for. I ordered a D7500 for $500 shipped last week and got it a few days ago! Amazing price for a D7500. EDIT: Thought I would just update this post and say they changed the price of the D7500 to the normal price of 560$. I guess maybe they had it priced wrong when I bought it at $500. Pretty cool that they still honored that price when I bought it. I also noticed they just put up a code to get 5% off XS Power battery's. The code is "POWER5".
  4. Wow glad they caught that fucker. According to this map, he drove a couple blocks away from my house and the same highway I take to work every day! http://kdvr.com/2014/03/12/amber-alert-longmont-boy-goes-missing-police-id-suspect/
  5. Just wanted to say thanks! Your subs are amazing. I've had plenty of different brands in the past, mainly kicker, but I was most impressed with your subs. I have 2 12" Level 4's. After having my new setup for just a few days, I am already thinking of upgrading to Level 5's and MORE power. Not that I don't like what I have, I just finally see the truth that your brand is the way to go if I wanna go bigger! Thanks!
  6. Just purchased this from sonic, I checked the voltage right when I got it today and it was resting at 12.58. So I threw it on the HF1215 Intellicharger and the red and green light come on immediately stating that it's charged... Kinda confused, because after looking around, I am seeing people that are resting much higher and the battery I purchased is brand new. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Lol if that happened to me I'd be riding my bike for two weeks But then doesn't it add up the longer it sits at the tow place? lol
  8. HOA had my car towed for being parked in a "Fire lane". Had to pay $300 to get it out. This "fire lane" had no signs up, nothing marked on the street, nowhere near any fire hydrant. Was never even given a notice on my car about it being parked in a bad spot, they just illegally towed it! Fuck them!
  9. What was the box tuned at and what frequency did it do the 150 at? Thanks for the video btw...
  10. This might sound stupid, but is this basically for regular daily drivers? For the people who are about their DB's, would connecting through Bluetooth cause loss in sound quality, less DB's?
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