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  1. i cant figure it out i have like 2 pages of spaces when i few post on smd thought maybe it was my monitor at home cause its bigger then normal but its doing it here at work to If anyone has had the same problem help meh! Thanks chris
  2. The shop i work at is doing car audio now we are in Smyrna, GA we normally outfitt police cars but getting into the audio game..gonna hook up my fellow SMD'rs! Things i can get RF,Cerwin Vaga, Pioneer, Alpine and about to be DC Audio So for the SMD'rs ill give a discount 770-432-9911 Thats the shop number SMD4life
  3. Oh def man i think i want to get rid of the t2500 and get those 2 vibe amps zach had we gonna put in work
  4. was a 143.ish in a crappy box before things went south i wanted to rebuild anyways so im kinda happy it blew now i gots a reason!!
  5. Kyle you can take her!!! jp my wife would kill me lol Might have been clipping gain about half way vol. always about 27/35 Either way i get a new build so meh..tune blow build again..school of hard knocks Mbd- i was pushing a little over 3k Either way i had fun and get new stuff now clipping or not
  6. Was at a show with bulletinjection me and him had a side comp 2 30 sec runs for avg SPL 1.) the box made was some cheapo box some guy made 2.) been over powering this sub and i ran her HARD!! Said i was going to either win of blow her i have to say for her taking that much power in a junk box ..ill be with DC for a while! with her blown i avg 137.ish So ill be hitting up rusty her soon for 2 lvl 5 15's and starting a new build rusty keep on trucking,you got some good shit mayne
  7. Yeah man was fun,i had to put my truck in the shop today he said it would be out by saturday *Crossing fingers* which means ima wing our little comp >.< by throwing my brother on my roof lol Non the less its going to be fun Sucks 141.8 @35hz thought i would be doing louder then that!!! The jeep is gonna crush meh blazer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Cars,bikes,trucks,and a audio comp (Pretty much if it has wheels bring it)
  9. There will be a carshow held at the varners in smyrna from 9 am to 1 pm sunday dec. 13. the price is $20 or $15 with a new toy donation for the toys for tots. Also a audio comp not sure if they are using a mic or what not..ill deff be there (with my my blazer all broke'n shit ) gotta throw in all my audio stuff saturday andyone wanting to come help meh holler!!!!! 725 Concord Road Southeast Smyrna, GA 30082-2624 (678) 388-1733
  10. Dont mean to sound emo,just everything in the past 6 months has gotten hella better had my son,got married. and then this happens With the trucks value everything in it+the trucks comes out to 9,210 and some change,6,567 ish without the system (Its all pulled out sitting next to me atm PLUS the accident was last thursday....THEY CANT GET AHOLD OF HER!!..makes me sick i love my truck..but if they total it i found a 95-96 blazer in the same shape as mine ima buy LMAO navi i thought then a little after the accident..GG fiberglass roll pan But thanks guys ill keep everyone updated BTW the system is ok she hit me and i was still bumping (Not hard) had to pull the plug on the H/U to cut it off. /flex on install+RF+DC!!!!
  11. First off everyone was ok thankfully---- Was on my way to help a buddy drop his tranny in is other truck (He was in front of me),We stopped for a red light and before you knew it BAAAAAAAM women in a nissan rear ends me,then i was pushed right into my buddys truck.She did a pretty number on me,My rollpan is gone some frame dmg and the rearend of my truck is about an inch higher then before the accident. So as of now this is what needs to be fixed.Totaled her car right then and there Rollpan The whole front end The issue with the truck being higher in the rear now/the frame issue New finder New hood/and hood latches and such Everyone is telling me there going to total it,breaks my heart i love my truck Life goes on i guess Pics She hit me hard enough to throw my H/U out of my dash GG
  12. 1. Tennis ball 2.ALOT of matches 3.Duct tape Take the sticks off the matches leaving just the head of them Drill a whole big enough to get the match head in fit as many as you can in there then VERY CAREFULLY tape the tennis ball up with the duct tape as tight as you can get it (Incase of fire while taping DROP THAT BITCH) Once done throw and enjoy Not blowing it up but one hell of a fire ball (Do this at your own risk)
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