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  1. Alright so I changed my width to 25 giving me exactly 4 cubes after displacement and port width is now 4.2 and length is 23. Port area per foot is now 16.27^2.
  2. So I'm on the right track than i suppose? just a few adjustments.
  3. Would this be good box for an HDC3 15?
  4. i believe something may have gone terribly wrong while using the box calculator
  5. I have two Type R 12's going in a box im making and was wondering if my volume and tuning are good. I did try to stay within the specs that came with my subs. Here are the specs on the box im planning; H=15" W=32" D=20" V=4.41 ft cubed. after displacement of port and woofers its 4.01 @32Hz. Also its dual ported with round ports 4" in diameter and 12.3" long.
  6. Well we enjoy music while we work and i had it plugged into a set of portable speakers. And it was hit and the screen did break. By almost directly on top i meant that it that the board just about fell with full weight on it, if that makes since. It did in my head when i wrote it. sorry for any confusion. And im not trying to bitch or anything.
  7. I work at a camp place as maintenance and right now I've been building a lot of sheds/pavilions. My boss came down to check out how far I was along today and to help out. Me and my boss are pretty much friends when it comes to working there. But as he was moving a 8ft 2x4 he managed to drop one end almost directly down on top of my android tablet. The tablet was atleast 6 feet away from where we were working in a "safe zone" where we put all our electronic devices and fragile things at. He was nice enough to say he was extremely sorry and he gave me $100 cash out of his own wallet. Now I am still pretty mad that it happened cause the tablet was pretty expensive but im happy he cared enough to do that. I dont know where im going with this but just felt i needed to put something up.
  8. Could someone kindly move this to the proper section, it got moved out awhile ago for some reason i believe.
  9. Well I do have a fuse wired right after it enters the interior of the car so thats all good. I didnt want the fuse being exposed, for some reason it looks weird to me. And to the above, that box makes them bump good. And I would like to get two AQ SDC2.5 15s and maybe two of the 1200D amps. I really like the look of them and my buddy bought one of the amps for his types Rs after I suggested it to him.
  10. Oh yea, and i know what you mean. It just hailed here yesterday and now my car is all covered in pollen and dirt. It literally has leaf prints on it from the storm.
  11. I have a video, its not the best because my phone cant record bass to save my life. But here it is also,
  12. And this is where I stopped taking pics cause I got sucked into installing Power cable and ground are all ran to the back under the carpet and trim The rca and remote are on the opposite side. Headunit installed with an amp switch and bass/frequency remote My cheap little amp And then the Duals in a box that is way to big for them.
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