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  1. This amp has been sold, thread can be closed
  2. I have a used Yamaha RX-V 1000 Home Audio 5.1 (7.1 with a/b spkrs) Home Audio Audio Video Receiver for sale. WITHOUT Remote (I can probably find one though) Only has 2 Component Inputs (NO HDMI) Only asking 175+ Shipping Model Front View Rear View
  3. Please help me determine what type of alt this is?? I believe it is for a 6 cyl GM???
  4. Well I lost my job again and need to get rid of my gear ASAP. First item up for bid is a Crunch GP 3000d (Same one I was selling before) Asking $325 Plus Shipping Great deal for a great amp. I have misc wires I can throw in for free as well.
  5. I am currently selling all of my NASCAR Die Cast cars. All of these cars are 1/24th scale. I have 15 cars (all with original boxes); in addition to a mirrored glass case (max capacity of 21 cars). These cars are 100% genuine and were purchased at Chicago-land Speedway, Michigan International Speedway or the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. My asking price for all 15 cars including the case is $700 (willing to negotiate). I will sell individual cars for $50 each or the case for $100. 1. 88 Dale Jarrett 2000 Taurus Quality Care Elite 2. 88 Dale Jarrett 2001 Taurus UPS Race the Truck 3. 88 Dale Jarrett 2004 Taurus UPS Raced Version 4. 88 Dale Jarrett 2005 Taurus UPS 5. 88 Dale Jarrett 2006 Fusion UPS 6. 44 Dale Jarrett 2007 Camry UPS 7. 8 Dale Jr. 2005 Monte Carlo Bud Born on Date Feb 20 2005 8. 38 Elliot Sadler 2004 Taurus M&M’s Black and White 9. 38 Elliot Sadler 2005 Taurus M&M’s 10. 48 Jimmy Johnson 2005 Monte Carlo Lowe’s 11. 97 Kurt Busch 2005 Taurus Smirnoff Ice 12. 17 Matt Kenseth 2003 Taurus Smirnoff Ice Triple Black 13. 20 Tony Stewart 2005 Monte Carlo Home Depot 14. 21 Kevin Harvick 2005 Monte Carlo Reese’s 15. 9 Kasey Kahne 2004 Interpid Mountain Dew
  6. Ok guys, Subs are SOLD. Local kid came today with cash in hand. Therefor I am taking the Amp off the market as well. Thank you for all who asked about the items.
  7. Well I hate to do it, since the subs aren't selling I have to sell my baby. My Crunch GP 3000d Pro. This amp has been treated very well over the past few years. Helping me take a 2nd and 3rd place at Db Drag World finals in Bass Race 139.9 class. I will consider package deals if one person buys both subs and the amp. Asking 400 Plus Shipping on the amplifier Here are the original pix of the subs and a new one. Asking 200 Each Per Sub plus shipping. They are 12" Dual 1 ohm T3 Audio TSS 12s. And the new pic taken today
  8. 2 Posts and both locked.......Im a trouble maker in these parts
  9. Guess someone as "known" as me should read the rules. I guess almost 30,000 posts on Termpro won't get you recognized around here. Ha ha im just kidding I know you are just upholding the rules.
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