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  1. We hardly knew ya haha

  2. While this is still up how do you draw things like subwoofers and amps on sketch up?
  3. Ok I downloaded this program 3 times and it still does not show up on my computer. What is the deal?
  4. If it is that important get a rubber mallot and get to work if it bent it can unbend if you don't want to spend any extra money. I don't think a basket will run that much.
  5. x2 x2 it actually LOOKED good to me in the video and since it has not been tested what is the problem?
  6. didn't mean it that way, but that is my opinion and I apologize for the bash. Lock it for all I care there has been talk about bandwidth and I just tried to help, but it took a mod to be a little too childish for me. But sorry for trying to help AKA "Ass Kissing" I never asked to pin this nor did I force anyone to. I just left it at a thing called a suggestion. lol man lol
  7. Wow I am honestly doing my best not to offend anyone with harsh words or anything like that and I am ass kissing? Wow maybe I should say F you right? It is a new year and I want it to be that way. Honestly I have NO need to kiss anyones ass here FYI and you are a super moderator? lol I just tried to help honestly and you came to me like a immature kid on Ca.com. IMO but watch, I will be the bad guy right? Respect goes both ways man.
  8. Ok I have been watching threads about what is___? or I don't know what ____means, etc. So I made this thread to let the audio brains tell the up and coming car audio brains what they need to know. So I will throw out some common topics and I would like for the BRAINS, and GURUS, etc. to let us know what they mean and some other topics that may come to your minds. PLEASE DON'T post if you are not answering a common question. No need to post here unless you are answering a question that is commonly mistaken. So here it goes: Common topics: What is imp rise? How does it work? What are pre outs? What is baffle? What is the big 3? Why do you need to upgrade electrical? these are just a few but are not limited to these questions. Everyone can ask questions in here just don't post dumb posts to up the post count. Please techs and gurus answer the questions as simple as possible. This is an attempt to help this site keep down the bandwidth and keep running w/out these same questions being asked over and over again. So feel free to pin this if you all want.
  9. HECK NAW!!! lol I am cautious thinking about putting 24's on it
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