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  1. Thanks man, yeah I know, just me being annoyed and lazy cause I had to retake/upload/post a picture
  2. Here you go...That rule always catches me off guard
  3. Hey guys, I just came into possession of some extra Fosgate 4 guage wire. I have the power wire (17ft I believe) with inline fuse & terminal, turn on wire, ground wire with terminal, and extra pieces...This kit didn't have the RCAs in it. The only thing wrong with anything is my friend accidentally stripped a tiny layer (thinner than a piece of paper of the casing off the power wire. He was pulling it through the firewall and it was running over something sharp. You couldn't see this defect unless you were looking for it. Besides that the ends of the wires have been stripped for install. This wiring was opened two days ago, and used to play my DC 1k for literally 5 minutes...Without going into unnecessary details, here it is for sale. It was 90 bucks at Best Buy, so I will sell it for $50. Note: I only accept payment via PayPal and I will only ship once the full amount has been transferred. Pic:
  4. Well, I just ordered it. With a 30 day money back guarantee, an insanely good resale price, the amount of good reviews, and the amount of accessories and stuff they include that you normally have to buy...I couldn't say no. I'll let you guys know my experience.
  5. Yeah I have seen tests in the desert that have shown 9 miles with a v1. I have been doing research on those laser jammers, seem to work, but cops around here don't use laser from my knowledge... Instant on KA is the most deadly.
  6. I am sorry I linked you to like the most expensive seller on the web. Lol. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/375556-REG/Yamaha_RH2C_RH2C_Circumaural_Closed_Back.html The cord is also really long (if that is important).
  7. I have used http://www.technooutlet.com/dhrh2c.html?source=GGAN for about 4 years. I used them so much everyday that I broke the wires about 3 months ago and now I have a new pair of the same ones. They are one of those things on the 10 top best buys on my life list. They are very comfortable, and have great SQ.
  8. I am sooo close to ordering a V1 right now. Got some extra cash and I have been amazed at all the stuff I have heard and seen about it. Any1 got experience stories?
  9. doing bullshit work.

  10. Lots of new videos guys...more exotics on the highway...lots of pleasant walk arounds of cars....lots of car start up videos....some videos of an f355 nailing it...lots of cool stuff...Still have a lot more to upload and capturing more all the time! Help me out!
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