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  1. I envision the cookie absorbing milk at a greater rate than the filling. Therefore, the structural strength of the cookie will diminish much quicker than said filling. Thusly a catastrophic failure of the supporting cookie sidewall is imminent, which will lead to poorly supported cookie structure, and allow said cookie to become detached from submerging device and float freely in the milk.

    In summary, that shit will fail if you're not careful, and you'll be diving for soggy Oreo's.

    Edit: Are they using a plastic solo/dixie cup to demonstrate the use of said device? Could they not afford a simple glass container for testing purposes?

    Is that what you do? You just go around shattering the dreams of fat people?
    I think for competing he might be right, but for daily cookie eating it's not something to worry about.
    I love this comment
  2. yeah messed up thing im not amazon with extra subs

    its the time of the year shipping companies hire temps so shit is likely to happen

    Listen, read what you just typed then remember it took you a month to ship the sub"s"

    From my point of view how incriminating does that look?

    i shipped 2. both tracking have 73 lbs on it.. even if i would have shipped one you would have received 73lbs of other shit.. dont be dense

    how is my post is incriminating.. its messed up im not amazon to have extra subs make me incriminating? if i had extra subs i would have shipped it to you and resolve my issue with fedex.. i only had 2 and shipped 2.. sorry i dont have extra subs laying around to ship you a replacement

    I was referring to the second part where you say it was likely to happen and that you waited until Thanksgiving time to start shipping them.

    I still would like to see pictures of the other sub because the 2 you posted are of the same sub.

  3. Sooooooo what's going on? Did you receive a fucked up product or what?

    Paid for 2 Mayhem 18s (paid October 28th)

    Asked that they get to me by December

    Waited the entire month of November and was told they would be shipped on Monday November 24th

    Waited a week still no tracking

    Asked what was going on said he was about to go ship them (december 1st)

    Get the first package, its empty

    Contact Miguels

    Get second package has a Mayhem

    Waiting on claim

  4. Have to save the images to read... not sure how to fix that. Link to my Photobucket if that helps any http://s204.photobucket.com/user/IH8PunkRok/library/ Conversation should say it all. Also, yes I am aware I messed up too. I never should have accepted the package once I felt it, but before anyone asks why I signed, I signed before the box was removed from the truck. I am posting this because I feel I am being jerked around and I just need to have resolution. Mods please be in contact





  5. I tell him what he needs and even give a link to bypass the radio.

    He replies still dont know what to do with the brake wire...

    I give up!

    I just hooked up to the eBrake. And my aux has a warning on it. Haven't tried DVDs. I put the eBrake on one click but I have a huge red light on my dash that says my eBrake is on.

    What happens when you ride around with your eBrake on one click? Besides that ugly ass light on the dash?

    You are a moron. I really hope you don't reproduce.

    Now let's be clear, if you want to bend the rules like the rest of us get the fucking part Brian told you to get.

    If you want to stay legal and have an easier install then don't watch videos while driving

    No in between

    Or you could also buy a jvc unit that you can just ground the parking brake wire to bypass it

    Many options but as per usual you did it wrong. Now put forth some fucking effort or please exit the hobby. You are dragging the rest of us down.

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