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  1. Two things to mention here 1. The cabin of the vehicle acts like a box, absolutely. Your doors and windows are your ports. Obstructions kill spl. Simple as that. Some boxes may cause the entire vehicle to accidentally be a really useful bandpass. Therefore louder, louder travels farther 2. Low frequencies are louder farther away from the car than high frequencies at the same distance. This is because of the length of the wave. Fun physics. Learned this at Carl Casper in 2011 while Hank was testing his truck in drive by. Gained a couple dbs by moving from 6ft away to 9ft
  2. Hi.

    Magnum55.2 @ 29 Almost low enough for your music lol
  3. Hi.

    Oh no... Not this guy again
  4. I've always parked beside the cart return. I feel like it's the safest place. Think about it people that just leave carts aren't near the return and those that do return them actually place them in the corral like civilized people
  5. Bought a hammer and pry bar. Got to work tearing up the floor Word to the wise, nothing sticks to concrete. Not even the almighty PL Here you can see how much I want to build up the floor. I want it even with the port opening which happens to be about 6" So build a couple quick retainers for the openings up front And now we are almost ready for concrete. Still working on how to make a retainer for the door area as it will come about 3-4" above the lip of the door. Used quickretes calculator for how much concrete I'll need and it looks like 16 60lb bags That's a lot of weight lol Gotta admit it seems like a lot more than I'll need but I'm no expert on concrete.
  6. Lithium- Why isnt everyone convinced

    Ev power is the only place I've found them new. $122 plus a 20% tax and shipping I got mine used
  7. The majority of what I am doing is teardown just so I can see how much needs to be redone before I can build. Unfortunately I think I will be keeping the shell of the box but I believe I can make it pretty loud as is. It isn't bad by any means just not what I would have done. So a couple problem areas I need to address. First, the steering column protrudes more than I would like, second the shifter and e brake are entirely too large, and there are miscellaneous holes, gaps, and rough edges to be worked out. yes there will be a center console and yes I could hide these in there with a removable panel blah blah whatever. The less removable things I have the better. So they go away. Next is this little fucker Dash is decently solid behind the panels though. +1 Then there is this and these and all of this that needs to be done with the word "smooth" in mind But I got some things out all the shit around the wheel is gone, shifter out, e brake gone. Tested a theory with the shifter. Left forward, right back is first gear and opposite is reverse. works pretty well actually. E brake I will relocate to the rear. Now to start pulling up this floor to replace with concrete. Also I am building this to Db Drag specifications because MECA doesn't give a damn about extreme cars and USACI is meh.
  8. Lithium- Why isnt everyone convinced

    Exact same cells I have
  9. Lithium- Why isnt everyone convinced

    Pretty much same for me. 100 pounds of battery, stock alt, 2 4ks @ 0.35 each Can't do that with agm
  10. Lithium- Why isnt everyone convinced

    The reason I say 40ah isn't enough is due to the many many people who think the one battery can handle 10k+ That's the main reason I despise xs power's naming scheme. It's misleading Learn how the shit works and determine what you need. Don't let companies tell you what you need
  11. Been a while since I posted any kind of build so I'll update on what I've been doing this past year. I decided to compete in MECA with my team Bangin on a Budget. I chose to go into Modified 2 which gives me a cap of 2000 clamped power + cone area. Went with 2 RE MT 18s for subs and 2 Ampere 3800.1s for power wired to 0.35 ohm each. 2 18s is 509 inches of cone area which left me with 1491 watts I could clamp. I like the challenge of efficiency and this seemed like a fun class. Also this is in a 2005 Dodge Magnum At finals I posted my highest score of a 152.49 @ 29 hz clamping 1380 watts Which won me this Also my team cleaned up 5 world champions Myself in M2, Kenneth in Street 4, Randall in Mod Street 3 and Park n Pound 5, Brandon in Mod Street 1 In the excitement of our victory I made a purchase in the form of a 19something dodge colt extreme car This will be an experiment for me. Learning how extreme cars work and how to manipulate acoustics to my advantage. It will be a long journey and that is ok. The end goal is to hit at least a 170 in this thing. The original builder had the basic concept of an extreme car but so many dbs were left on the table and that is what I aim to correct. Onto some pictures then a lot of this has already been torn out and more will be torn out in time to be replaced with better things. first order of business in the floor
  12. Had one on my mustang a few years ago. After the second time it shorted out on me I was done with that company Yeah they are cheap, there is a reason for it
  13. Lithium- Why isnt everyone convinced

    I use Winston 90 ah cells
  14. Lithium- Why isnt everyone convinced

    My batteries rest at about 13.4-13.6 Rarely do I charge them outside of just driving. Always stock alt. I have a 320 amp alt in the closet that I never even installed