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  1. one of the competition orgs here requires that the terminals on the bats have to be covered to prevent say dropping a wrench dropped back there from shorting the bats
  2. Team Sundown Russia 1968 Camaro SS Pro-Touring - step what up?

  3. New seats for my Ram

  4. here's a longer vid of us testing the system after the fire extingusher to the subs
  5. what, the ones that caught fire? z v3 15's ...a bit too much sealed side airspace for them, especially inverted + too much power + T.I.'s let my beat pound - leads caught fire. Overall just too much fun was being had that day, I think we were demoing pretty much nonstop for 4-5 hours up to that point
  6. Probably not, it drove onto the trailer. Probably antifreeze, there is a red type. yah, it's red antifreeze...the plastic tank on the radiator went bust
  7. i'm not sure I'm supposed to do that...it's a Bigpimpin track so shouldn't be too hard to find
  8. at first I was like - dong? what dong? ...but then... lol it's in the description of the vid Music: Yelawolf - Trunk Muzik (Mega-Screwed)
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