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  1. I dont know what happened but one of the JBL's stopped working tried it on another xover and im not getting a ohm reading thats close to normal so im trying to just find something to replace it since i took a speaker from the back of the car nothing expensive but must be able to handle some power im running all the speakers of a pb400.4
  2. just tell them about it if you lie you may get a fraughlent enlistment ive seen it happen when i was leaving basic becaues of issues if its medically writin down then you need to tell them and make sure to keep all your paper work
  3. yeah ive done that i want to restore it to where theres nothing but stock programs
  4. ive been looking for a restore download or disk for my laptop, its a toshiba with windows 7 64bit on it i really just want to restore it clearly im backing all my photos music and other shit up to
  5. Got another this one hits home more for me and i feel like it shows a ton of respect and support for my country and the men and women who serve once its done healing ill get a better picture,
  6. i kinda think i get what your saying^ i also thought of just doing the flag then having under it support our troops but i want something unique to say the least
  7. Well due to my lack of time and drawing skills ill describe it SUPPORT OUR TROOPS in block lettering, or with some pzazz on them but have the flag inside the letters from the first S to the last S the flag is in them
  8. Come on you photoshop happy guys check my threads

  9. Welp posted my new tattoo asked for a designer there not luck yet but imma post here too, Next one i am looking at getting once i get the design and price from my buddy, is SUPPORT OUR TROOPS needs to be all caps due to the design i want it to be like an American flag so 50 stars on this bad boy and the red and white strips on it help a brother out with a more then unusual tattoo
  10. vw for life haha and they are amazing king got them on a pb400.4 waiting for taxes to maybe put a sub in but lets get me a designer for my next one,
  11. [ I need a designer for my next one if someone can help. Getting SUPPORT OUR TROOPS on my back need it to be in a design of an American flag
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