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  1. yeah man haha . So can anyone help me out with the box dimesnions ?
  2. Like just a walk around the subs? i can do that for you bro but i need help with box designs =X
  3. To be honest i think you mean dual 4 ohm ? =P think im wrong but they are both Daul Voice at 4ohm and im wiring down to 2 ohms each. but im so excited haha my girlfriends like great means no going out for a month i was like ehh babe you love my car and you know you like the new system
  4. Its like xmas when i order new stuff for my car i just ordered my two Kicker ZX1000.1 amps for my 15"s ahhh =]
  5. So no i know not very many people are from PA but if you know my High School Manheim Central we bread football players . But I lead our student section and We thought why not paint up for the Section tittle and since we went 9-0 like usual we stormed the field and got kicked out of the game i just thought it was funny ohh and the temp was 23 deg in my town lmfao imagine how cold we were.
  6. So since i plan on making a wall i thought why not just take off my rerview miroor and then get a back up camera so i can see lol but i want one thats got a nice size screen but isnt like 300$ b,c then ima make a fiberglass spot for it up front anyone have any suggestions ?
  7. yeah well we are just trying it first and if we dont like it we are doing two boxes but think you can help me out with dimensions and port tunning ?
  8. Haha yeah, Like i was thinking having one sub in the back with idk i like the port facing the back tuned to 30 i like low bass and then having the second box the same and tunned to 30 hertz you know ? but if anyone has like diagrams they can draw up or a program they know can help link me up or post pics but i have work till 830 EST time ill be back on later guys
  9. hah yeah but i mean then putting the subs in there and making sure they dont fall out im more a vision person you know? like when i did my first box i had one of my boys draw the pics and dimensions and i made that box perfict but that was for my three tens, you get what i mean?
  10. haha that'd be sick as shit but i wouldnt know where to start with that
  11. Alright i know a little bit about box building but i prefer some help. I live in Lancaster PA and i have a house in Rehobeth DE too if anyone is close to either of these or would like to drive and help. But heres what we'd be working with. a 1997 chevy Blazer two door i have the back seat behind the driver out because i planned on putting one of my subs behind it. I have two Kicker 15" L7's and I want somthing that people say WOW to, I figured the boxes would be 4.5 Cft and tunned to 30 Hertz. So anyhelp please I'd love it,
  12. yeah i get dealer cost on everything i order my amps are 400 a peice and im getting a HC1400 for like 150$ and my wires are really cheap . but yeah its gona pound icant wait= ]
  13. So your saying its a good idea to run to amps ?
  14. yeah but Kicker amps dont handle 1 ohm which messes that up because i was gona get a 2500.1 but it isnt 1 ohm stable
  15. they are both 4 ohm i was gona amp each seperate and wire them down to 2 ohm. but Fosgate amps arnt cheap haha, i get dealer cost with Kicker. =P
  16. Alright I have two 15" Kicker L7's I was thinking of getting two Kicker ZX 1000.1 i mean i like to keep it all kicker but if there is a cheaper amp i can get that will sound just as good and push the subs just as well as that would I'd like to know.
  17. Alright everyone i have a girls homceomcing this comming saturday , and i need some good songs with good Highs and Good bass anygood songs?
  18. Okay really want to fit 22"s on my 1997 Chevy Blazer. Now Everywhere i look i cant even find 18's that will fit. lol the info on my blazer is its a 1997 Chevy Blazer Two Door 2 Wheel / 4 Wheel Drive ( I never Use 4 wheel) . if anyone can help me find some rims id be very happy thanks .
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