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  1. gas station cashier by day, OPEC board member by night.
  2. this. My EA alt went bad with amps and only 1 battery in my car. it took months to get a replacement.
  3. Wat u mean I don't see piece of fiberglass on there ? looks like just fleece and resin unless the fiberglass in on the back side.
  4. nice, was gonna say got a pic of the tags on the inside lol DWS FTW! imma get a set of those tires for mine this summer, but def not gonna be paying anything close to $1200 what size tire you have one there? the rear tires are Contenental Sport Extream Contact DWS, and the fronts are Contenental Sport Contact 2. 285/35/19 and 245/35/19. also got 2 275/30/19 Contenental Sport Contact 2 thrown in but those are pretty worn, the other 4 tires that are mounted are new. I think i will resell everything.
  5. thanks I bought them CHEAP. they look brand new except the lug holes.
  6. Cute pictures. You guys should see the inside of a terminal rack for a vertical launch system.
  7. dont worry it will be more at 18.9v charging 400a is only the 12v rating power formula, you do not know it.
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