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  1. His car has factory HID. what did he want to do, rice it up with some blue lights? have less light output?
  2. my head rubbed the roof. Im 6'4" I like my new ride much better.
  3. I bought these for my tundra but never used them. been in my closet for years. $375 for 1500 $325 for 100.4D
  4. I got the radio installed with everything nice and soldered up. Fucking amp is broke. I'm giving him a old-ish school soundstream granite 180.6. He was suppose to come up to my place and help me take the car apart but he had some family problems so I drove the car back to him today. Will prolly finish weekend after next.
  5. Doing some work for a friend. car is a 62 Thunderbird automatic, 390 motor. I will be installing this following. 2 way alarm with various sensors, battery backup, key less entry. Power door locks Adding hazard lights using the parking lights. Factory look-a-like radio with USB. factory radio was AM only but at some point had a cassette player with infinity speakers and RF amp added. This light has not worked in about 12 years. the radio was grounded through this strap shit ass wiring this is the radio thats being replaced with a newer version of this radio with USB and CD changer control. knobs removed in this pic. Rear speakers were not hooked up, amp power was not hooked up, one set of RCA's was stuffed under the rear seat, and the speaker wire that was going to the front speaker from the amp was also cut. The only sound was from the factory-ish radio to some 3.5" infinity speakers.
  6. I have lived in fort walton for 21 years of my 22. fort walton is right in the middle of pensacola and panama city. I have been all over florida and i think this area has the best beaches. The sand on the atlantic side is really coarse but the sand here on the gulf side is like powder. I also think the water is much nicer on the gulf side.
  7. Amazon keeps giving me gift certificates for some reason. Got another $30 today. ordered this stuff
  8. Amazon canceled my order on my 256gb ssd and claimed it was a price mistake. I complained and they gave me a $100 credit. I got this SSD instead(below), 90GB but its SATA3 i still have disk based drives for media storage. http://www.amazon.com/OCZ-Technology-Generation-2-5-Inch-AGT3-25SAT3-90G/dp/tech-data/B005MYFHYS/ref=de_a_smtd
  9. I have a few 750gb 7200 rpm drives that are also going in. Crossing my fingers on the motherboard.
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