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  1. gas station cashier by day, OPEC board member by night.
  2. this. My EA alt went bad with amps and only 1 battery in my car. it took months to get a replacement.
  3. nice, was gonna say got a pic of the tags on the inside lol DWS FTW! imma get a set of those tires for mine this summer, but def not gonna be paying anything close to $1200 what size tire you have one there? the rear tires are Contenental Sport Extream Contact DWS, and the fronts are Contenental Sport Contact 2. 285/35/19 and 245/35/19. also got 2 275/30/19 Contenental Sport Contact 2 thrown in but those are pretty worn, the other 4 tires that are mounted are new. I think i will resell everything.
  4. thanks I bought them CHEAP. they look brand new except the lug holes.
  5. dont worry it will be more at 18.9v charging 400a is only the 12v rating power formula, you do not know it.
  6. At least the third one of these threads. I test Electronics for a defense contractor. As a side job I am in marketing for a medium size bank. I get paid
  7. I can tell, there are a bunch of retards here now. maybe they will learn
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