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  1. I dont know anything about the sub but why not get another sub and amp to have double the cone area to be louder and not worry about blowing the sub from over powering ? seems more ideal
  2. Your first post you say it gets warm,, and if your having no problem then what are you asking? your contradicting yourself now
  3. Dont be an asshole orion i havnt been one yet, but You arnt over powering your amp your clipping it which is one bad for your sub and amp, Now let me ask how did you set your gains on the amp?
  4. how do you over power your amp with your sub ? and if your worried about over powering your sub with the amp you have now why would you add a second 1500, which would equal 3k not 2.5k yes maybe after box raise and depending on voice coil impedance i may be wrong but without full information isnt much i can help with
  5. hes doing a simple one in Sony Vegas 9 pro right now im going to be downloading some other editing software tomorrow if i have school so i can let me computer just do that but we have had a ridiculous amount of flooding here in the surrounding areas might get a video of it all tonight been trapped in my house all day luckily we had no water problems just the inner part of town did
  6. lol alright hes editing the intro for begning of all of our videos then ill upload some but i have some from out old channel and my personal channel my personal Channel My link
  7. well we both have girls so random girls are a meh lol but ill talk to mine i have some pics of her trying to fuck me over in wow but she didnt know what she was doing lol we are editing and rendering videos to upload sometime soon
  8. subscribe Me and my brother setting up a new youtube account, gonna be doing alot of gaming / carshows for it trying to get it up in the ranks tell us what youd like to see and we will try it out sub though guys please and thanks
  9. I dont see how its frustrating it isnt like you need to have a system
  10. n8 why you gotta hate give me time =] but after much thinking right now once i get the money imma do a d3400 upfront then just upgrade to a single d3100 in the rear to clean out the engine bay for more space
  11. I dont know she wont let me open it even though it sits in my damn room of the house talk about a tease lol i will have her open it then tape it to see
  12. i acutally im going to wait till after college to start this project due to funds if it needs engine work body work isnt a thing engine is since im in college for body work but not auto tech so if i cant figure the problem i gotta pay for it lol
  13. yeah i dont let em get to me lol just avoid it imma come back now and then to show body work im doin in school and that but on to the SS voting get it going guys, alota great systems in here
  14. im done with competing to much drama from people ill still stay incontact when i get my exhaust done imma be ordering some damp pro for my floor to keep it down, oh and colene got the thermal shield dont remember if i told you
  15. I still have yet to put a xs battery up front of my rabbit, im trying to reduce weight so trying to see what i have for it it fits a d3400 up front i do know that
  16. Jon you can take me out car is empty and im building it for looks and performance now
  17. nope im going to h2o this year though for opening day then gotta head right back home
  18. ITs euro only lol so i cant unless i get it shipped here but it would cost more to get it legalized then i wanna spend lol i think its coming to us in 2013 so we will see
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