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  1. Like emp suggested, Damplifier followed up with Luxury Liner Pro. Main thing you want to do is get complete coverage with Luxury Liner Pro as it will make the biggest difference in reducing road/tire noise and exhaust drone.
  2. B-stock Damplifier comes up for sale only when there is an issue during the production of the material or if the material is or arrives damaged during transport. So it's difficult to say or put a date down as to when more will be coming in.
  3. Sorry for the late reply, was a little busy yesterday. To answer your question about the thickness, Damplifier Pro has roughly twice as much butyl as our Damplifier. This added butyl creates a denser adhesive and viscoelastic layer that helps absorb, dissipate, and even slow down the vibrations/resonance of the sheet metal even more so than our regular Damplifier. More high density butyl in your deadener = less vibrations in your vehicle! And keep in mind it really doesn't have a whole lot to do with adding more weight (mass loading is inefficient). If adding weight was our end goal, our asphalt competitors would have us beat hands down... but we know that's just not the case.
  4. No, you should be fine for a good while. Just keep in stored horizontally in it's box. LOL replied at the same time.
  5. It was. And of course this was before I knew anything about sound deadening and followed everyone else and thought more was better. lol I have probably three times what I really need.
  6. LOL yeah I remember OG Damp Pro... that sh*t was insane to work with. If I ever pull my headliner out, I'll get to see a few full sheets of the stuff. lol Oh what fun that was to install...
  7. B-stock is the same product, just with imperfections. Be it the thickness of the butyl (too thick or too thin), scuffed or scratched foil, or slightly damaged/wrinkled sheets. It has the same butyl mixture as the other products, so it will hold up just fine.
  8. A quality butyl deadener, such as the ones mentioned in this thread, rarely if ever need replaced since they really don't break down or contain compounds that degrade over time. Products that contain high amounts of fillers or certain compounds (such as natural tar or bitumen) do breakdown, gas out, and degrade with even the simplest of changes in temperature or even exposure to the environment (air). So to answer your question, some deadeners do get old and lose their effectiveness and others don't. Personal experience, going on 7-8 years with ZERO degradation with my original Damplifier Pro.
  9. I've used it to seal up small holes too. If somehow it gets over saturated, moisture could build up underneath the Damplifier and it may begin to rust... again this is a possibility, not likely though.
  10. LOL, stupid trunks... Well keep us posted on the installation.
  11. The only difference between the b-stock and the non b-stock Damplifier is that the b-stock may be wrinkled, scuffed, inconsistently thick (thicker in some spots, thinner in other spots), and stuff like that. It will still perform beautifully! The b-stock that I was sent was almost indistinguishable from the non b-stock material. If it wasn't for the fact that it had some wrinkles, I would have thought nothing of it. I'm sure some users of the b-stock will chime in to tell you how awesome it is though.
  12. Working on a winter project or gearing up for an upcoming build and needing some supplies? Stock up and receive free shipping on your order of $75 or more. Use coupon code ShowShipping during checkout. Code valid now until this Saturday, the 19th. So get yourself some more Damplifier or whatever you want! WOOOO!
  13. It's best to install at or above room temp, but we've had perfect success installing it while temps are below freezing. The main thing is to make sure the sheet metal isn't frosted up or has moisture on it prior to installing it. That can hinder the adhesion. A roller is recommended, but not necessary.
  14. Based on some quick measurements I have on hand, you're looking at about 100 sq. ft.. 100% coverage on all four doors, roof, and floor, excluding the trunk area. Of course this isn't the best method for sound deadening and I would prefer a more strategic plan of attack to get the most bang for your buck. What are you goals? Shooting for a quieter ride? Or is this going to be an SPL comp vehicle? Or SQ? You could probably not go so heavy on the floor as that area typically comes pre-treated from the factory with some form of sound deadening. Adding some Luxury Liner Pro to that area would probably be more beneficial.
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