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  1. text me some pics if you dont mind, 7176825783 im about to go to bed so i might not respond since your west coast im eastern but ill deff look into them cant hurt anything
  2. will do ill have to figure when she plans on buying im still gonna look will they fit in my rabbit? never seen zapco speakers before
  3. Id have to give you info to get in contact with my girlfriend shes getting them for me for Christmas im just doing all the work lol
  4. Max price is 250, prefer around 200, obviously want the best sounding set i can get ,
  5. Dosnt need to be hat xovers lol instead of say that stuff suggest something
  6. what about Infinity Kappa Perfect 6.1 6.5" comps
  7. yeah imma look into them i wish i could hear them but kinda doubt someone local has them
  8. yeah wasnt sure on that lol looking into them now but im still up for ideas
  9. depends which speakers i get what hat ones do you have?
  10. So max limit 200$ lets get the best sounding once we can get will be ran off a 2channel that i will most likely match to the speaker brand
  11. well immma be sending you payment for a box deseign sometime soon prolly tomorrow and in that ill ask for wood suggestion other then mdf cause i like less weight
  12. Well should be getting wood this weekend ima goo with the design a guy on DSBP made http://www.megaupload.com/?d=LE3SSBA0 thats design what yall think? and what wood i think only place that sells 5layer birch is lowes? im against mdf shits to much weight lol
  13. Lol my dds are already sold kido go look it up DD out performed the SA on same power same box was louder they sounds great and can take a shit ton more power then recommended
  14. subs are sold kl0wn om me ill get your number
  15. Yeah that'd be a nice drive lol ill get plenty of pics, right now im still iffy but since the subs sold looks more promising you have mkIII right?
  16. Anyone going to h2oi ? imma most likely stay the night at my beach house saturday night then drive down sunday for the 9-5 then head home since its 3 hours from me, but anyone else going ? i should be rolling with 4 people hoping more let me know
  17. yeah im might trade my aq2200 for a 1200 but some one told me aqs like to fry the tinsel leads on fis ? i kinda said okay but its all about tunning the amp if im correct but i might keep it to just later on get another 12" or something like that
  18. id take DDcomps and a nice 2 channel all id need, other then that this money is funding my H2oi trip on the 24to25th
  19. why a dd out performed it? I have two DD1508s for sale 100+shipping a piece
  20. yes i just saw it chevy boy thats alot ima post it here see what some say
  21. i said offer some up im not really looking i trade the first two for a fi q that will be here tomorrow so
  22. Last two of the four, Lets get these gone so i can build my new box and have some extra change left over Im asking flat price 100plus shipping if you buy both shipping is usually between 30-50$ if you buy one its 125$ plus shipping I may be open to trades still but not much, let me know what you got,
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