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  1. No matter how much we insult him and mock him, we will have to work the rest of our lives, and so will our families. He's doing something right... Even if it only last 30 seconds lol
  2. From LV3s to XLs, you should be LOUD! But if you don't mind me asking, why did Dustin get rid of em?
  3. Ray has recommended the WT3 to me multiple times, so I would think he has some experience with it.
  4. Whoever said that the same people who made MW2 made MW3 is incorrect. I cannot wait for this game! 4 more days, and I'll be raping face
  5. Dude, I'd love to live that close to these awesome manufacturers. Customer service from both companies are great, very friendly. Contact Rusty or Thor or Nick, see if you can visit, demo a few vehicles and enjoy yourself Oh, and that frown face in the title needs to go. Think negative thoughts, and they will become a reality. So don't think em!
  6. Basket is incredibly expensive, cost more by itself that many people's complete woofers lol. Tuned in for this sexy beast of a sub, I'm sure you'll make it crazy bro! Man, just thinking back, you've done upgraded amps so many times. I bought a DC2k from you back in March(or something like that) and you got a 3.5k then got rid of that for a 5k, and now a 7.5k... I give it a year until you are running with a 150k lol
  7. Alcohol and physical abuse (to yourself or others) isn't the answer bro. No, I don't know of anyone living near you, I'm from the middle of nowhere. But I know for a fact we have at least several members here near you (just can't remember any names)... DC Headquarters is in Reno, Nevada isn't it? I'm sure members here go from time to time to visit and mess with equipment, I'm sure you could meet up with a few.
  8. Everyone is hear to talk with you bro, look at all these replies. If total strangers can care about you like this, I imagine you should have no issues meeting others. Women are incredibly easy to talk with, no need to be intimidated. They are human too, believe it or not Don't do anything to harm yourself bro, people care about you, even if it doesn't seem like it at times. God never puts us in a situation we can't handle!
  9. That may be the sexiest woofer I've ever seen. So tiny, yet so potent... Mi gusta
  10. And that's great man, if you are happy with the equipment in your ride, everything is good. But I cannot justify paying the prices they charge for the equipment you get.
  11. ^^ cool story bro. Just cause you own JL doesn't mean it's not priced highly.
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