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  1. Okay im getting either a Kinetik 2400 or 2000 soon.. and ima run from my stock Battery now do i need to put an Isolator in or will it just be a waste?
  2. i get where your coming from but shes not drunk but yeah shes 17 but they are just waiting till 6 till i can move my blazer to fallow them home.
  3. So my ex just called me and its 227 and she crying so much i cant even understand her all the much . so what i got is she went to some kids house and they were all drinking but she only did like a little but they took her keys incase she did alot so she wouldnt go driving. But she said she went to leave and her car was gone but a few mins later it was there and its smashed all up and she has no clue who did it and she wants me to get her and a friend but i have one seat other then mine in my blazer and im lost on what todo like i have to wake my mom up just to say can i take your car to get them and take them home and its 230 now
  4. yeah im east coast lolz yeah ugh just un screw all your terminals on the amp then put everthing back in and check sub wires
  5. where you from ? if you can figure it out soon enough and your close enough i can try and help , but check your subs make sure the wires are still good on the inside
  6. okay i have two of these on my L7's and the red LED thats under the Kicker Logo is always on lol its for looks but your protection light check your Wires make sure there isnt any plastic in the terminals and your ground is clean sand away paint and clean it ,
  7. haha what and i gona do with the other box thats in my blazer? lol trust me ive thought it through and i cant do much else other then put up the walls b.c my dad has the Jig saw so i can cut my port lol ive just been playing MW2 all day ranked up three times xD
  8. 460 ? lol im in highschool andi have 5k in my savings just from me working lolz
  9. no no shes coming home from cali and i cant go get wood b.c where will i hide it ? lol
  10. Oh and all Coils are at 3.3ohm and each is a final 1.8 ohm
  11. So its my Birth Day tomorrow any gifts for me xD
  12. she travels for a living and shes on a plane home from cali right now so she kinda cant bahaha but most deff Saturday ima get all the sides up and start the fiberglass xD
  13. Easy enough haha xD and Mile Id start the box but my mom was like since your sick you cant leave the house fail....
  14. Okay so im just bored at home ( sick) so no school and i was wondering how i can find what my coils are really at for the ohm do i use a meter and put the pos in the pos part and neg in the neg part and set the meter to ohm or is there somthing else that needs to be done?
  15. Either this song is one 22 min song or i just downloadied the whole mixtape in one song ?
  16. Yeah Go to ExileCustoms.us thats my friends Business that i help him with but he also had to spent 800$ on his Business License
  17. Just watch how much you do because you have to have a buisness license for this stuff
  18. Haha i was sitting in Traffic on Black friday ( stupid idea to shop with my girlfriend on that day) but we were in the middle of everything and im listening to my music loud thats why i have subs and all that. and some guy comes up and stands infront of my blazer and was yelling at us to turn it down so i just laughed and started driving towards him then like two mins later i have car full of women flipping my off and i just put my windows down and waved and laughed lolz
  19. Im just trying to get ideas for xmas and my bday this friday xD now let me ask I have two ZX1000,1 by kicker and im planing on getting a 350.4 by kicker can i run the RCAs from my 1000.1 to 1000.1 then from the 2nd 1000.1 to my 350.4 or does it have to be from the deck
  20. The other thing i like about the AVH-P3100DVD is i can set my own background on it
  21. yeah im just depating on what i want lol any other things i should look at?
  22. Pioneer AVH-P3100DV http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_17373_...H-P3100DVD.html or Pioneer Avic - U310bt http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_19637_...VIC-U310BT.html Kenwood-DDX512 http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_12048_...+-DDX-512-.html
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