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  1. hells yeah naw i didnt mean it that way but if i open it up i want it to look nice
  2. i dont like how they look lol first one looks to animated to me orion isnt bad but last i dont like those type of cases just me lol
  3. well due to me not planning on having the casing off i dont care what the inside looks like lol
  4. 20 year old noob you cant read im not 20 yet, lol gonna say something smartasstic better learn to read =]
  5. High energy ones said Hv165mids with xover then obviously dd tweets old school isnt as pretty=]
  6. not off topic orion lol but im getting a great deal on the set of hertz.ddtweets and xover for 160 and my girl is buying them for xmas and im down for a cheaap 100,2 ray never said your old just older them me haha i mean shit im 20 in december lol
  7. i want newer from my time =P but hey get to making my box ray =]
  8. nope i mean im in no rush just looking whats out there lol
  9. That was a good one havnt been told to do that, but funny thing is that you got put in your place and thats the only comeback you could google, damn whats the world coming to
  10. Like it states i dont plan on spending more then 200 for it let me get some offers will be powering hertz mids and ddtweets
  11. it is still a great place for information only reason im still here im soon going to stop coming on becuase it seems to be the same thing everyday , im on my vw forums more and more
  12. It seems that the site is going down hill with all the pissing matches and shit talking that occurs there is very few threads that dont have it, or dont have people saying something that they dont know about and when someone who does know about it says something they are obviously the wrong person and then it starts ,
  13. Welp i think imma be replacing the rabbits motor mount soon probaly next pay check, mount im getting is from Motor Mount hoping to gain some more power since im getting close to 100k miles on it figure it cant help to do it Next is the ESC dogbone been watching videos on it looks like it will help with more control and some extra power Dog Bone Let me know what you guys think . Like i said it cant help to do motor mount
  14. how about your dumb ass searches it instead of asking people to do your work for you , and let alone give people more then 3 hours if they even want to help you , "smgdh" fucking Christ learn to spell shit out,
  15. Lol thats a good idea, im waiting for the fi sticker to get here then ill see what yall think i mean i like it but cant stop with painting lol
  16. fuck thats to boring for me, im in school for auto paint i wanna paint shit lol
  17. well since the guy i got it from said the shop he owned had fi put the shops lettering on it, well i dont like it i though it woulda looked nice with a swirl but it didnt so i took that all off re painted it a gloss black and did what i think is nice splatter let me know what you all think
  18. Well car is made in 2 different factories , Engine is made in one factory while the body is put together across what i call a lake, but yes in canada, thought i was funny how its americas past time big muscle car made in canada, LOL ^^ germany go look up the VW factory over there makes me want to live there to do body work for them absolutely amazing how the factory there works
  19. How many people say the 2010 Camaro is made in the USA? dont go google it I already know the answer learned in the other day in class thought id share for those of you who like it and want to learn something new today,,
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