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  1. I’ve actually got a different path to go. I stopped by a local stereo shop and they have a 5 channel kicker amp that will run my 4 door speakers and the sub. $275 out the door not used just a display piece. I’ll sell the 1200 and put it towards the 5 channel. Use less space.
  2. I don’t have access to any SMD devices and I doubt anyone around me does. As far as setting by ear I’ve never done it so I wouldn’t know what I was doing.
  3. The sub is a svc 4 ohm 10, 150 rms/300 peak. The amp is a kicker 1200.1 but I’ll use it as 600x1 at 4ohms.
  4. Even before testing this it should still be higher that what the speaker can handle according to the hyperlinks of the products I am using.
  5. Anybody have a set of drawings for a platform to fit underneath the rear bench seat of an 06 Tahoe? I still want the seat to lay flat and sit up. I need to mount an amp and a 0 gauge 1 in/2 out Distribution Block. The amp that will be mounted is a Kicker amp and the dimensions are in the hyperlink on page 2 in the grey box. I want it as low as possible. I plan on adding another amp later for door speakers and it doesn't have to mount on it but if it could that would be ideal.
  6. I recently got a Kicker speaker and amp to go in my 06 Tahoe and I'm needing some help on the installation and setup of it. The speaker is a Kicker 43C104 in a vented Kicker truck box. The amp is a Kicker 43CXA12001. With the wattage of the amp being much more than what the speaker can handle how does it need set? I don't have any experience in setting the adjustments on the amp but I can run the wire and install everything no problem. I plan on running 0 gauge from the battery back to a distribution block I'm going to mount under the backseats, with the amp, for future additions. I have a Kenwood DDX373BT installed it's going to be hooked up to which has some decent sound adjustments. I have Kenwood KFC-1694PS door speakers installed I plan on getting an amp for soon as well. I haven't done the Big 3 yet but plan on it soon. My Tahoe has the factory 160 amp Alternator so it's got some good output. Any help with sub and amp installation and setup would be very appreciated.
  7. I've also noticed just now that the 2 factory speakers in the rear pillars are still there too.
  8. All of this is gonna be hooked up to a Kenwood DDX373BT
  9. I always leave the Fader and Balance centered. The only thing I have ever changed is the Fade, Front to Back, so I don't think that would be a deal breaker. Its just gonna be cheap setup for my door speakers for now until I can get some funds for a better quality setup.
  10. I like the price point on this on as well. Would this one work? CT Sounds
  11. I like the price point on this one. Would anybody else like to chime in on opinions on this amp?
  12. I've got Kenwood KFC-1694PS in all 4 doors and I'm looking for a cheap, good amp to push em. I provided a link to the Kenwood website but they are 70W RMS and 4 ohms a piece. I watched the video for the dual xpr82d but it didn't seem like it would be enough power for them. I'm looking to spend no more than $100 at the very most. Thanks in advance.
  13. 2010 civic sedan with standard 6 speaker audio, not premium as far as i know.
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