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  1. I can go upto 7 cubes with sub up port back on driver side ... I was planning on a 5 cube box after porting ...or just 6 cubes with aero and sub displacement tuned to 36hz would be putting this on a AP30001D adjusted to 2500rms
  2. I have a 2003 Dodge neon awaiting a Psi Platform 3 18 install trunked. I need some help . Does anyone know what a neons resonating frequency is? what is the best way to aim the port if subs port forward is not an option? what can I do to the box to make it as efficent as possible? Thanks
  3. well 3k rms at 13.8 volts is 217 amps which would leave roughly 50 -60 amps for rest of the car ... stock alt is 80-100 amps a car uses roughly 60-70% of capacity so 60 to 70 amps would be for the car .that would leave me drawing 10 to 20 amps over output . I plan on a overdrive pully to get full output as close to idle as i can
  4. ok so with a 270 alt and some batts could i pull off 3k rms reliably?
  5. no one makes dual alt brackets ... id prefer just to be able to play a hour or so at full capability. I wouldnt be playing full tilt all the time but dont want to be able to just burp either
  6. Hey everyone I am attempting my first big power build and need some assistance .I am wanting to run 5000 rms Daily with reliability . I know I will need a high output alternator ( mechman 270A) but what else will I probably need? By calculating I figure I need to support atleast 362 amps. what would I need to do that? does anyone know of any adjustable voltage regulators for Chrysler pvehicles?
  7. yes it is the same wicked Kustomz (Owned by Robert Ohman ) that John Hone works alongside . I am in southern ohio . It is a 4 door Focus . If I do it myself I have 7 days to build it with only a few hours each day and if WK does it Ill only have 1 day to help them build it
  8. can wall be built in a day if someone knows what they are doing? A shop #hrs from me is offering to do it for a good price (not mentioning numbers ) Shop is Wicked Kustoms in Lima Ohio
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