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  1. I will be uploading build pics soon to keep you all warmed up on it heres a vid i made yesterday enjoy
  2. heres the amp and subs thats in it now it is the same amp i used in 2014 but new subs haha "2 mofo 15x4" i took off 8" on the box made it even louder then it was
  3. here is a pis of the old cheap subs that was in it
  4. nows the time where i will add some more pics i guess the amp is the same but have new subs hoping for bigger scores in 2015 the subs i had in it i blew out a v-coil in each sub just before the comp but did beat my old numbers and took first and second the box in the following pics is just for driving around i know the port is all wrong will be building a new box for the comp and tweak the one in the pics for just driving around
  5. Name: subaru legacy (1993) Date Added: ÚTE_ADDED% Owner: travist Short Description: None Provided View Vehicle