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  1. me too I'd pay to watch and hopefully learn a fraction of the fab skills this man has!
  2. lol that is pretty tippy my first thought was wtf?! no way! lolz
  3. i think after reading this write up it's potentially ruined every other writeup lolz. I don't see how anything else unless done by a team of professionals can top this.
  4. That case looks so damn sexy... If I was a business man and you handed your proposal in that I'd sign it without reading it lolz If it was me I wouldn't use the heat wrap on the exhaust and just use the heatshield on the bumper on its own. The heat wraps cause corrosion even on stainless steel extractors/headers, as it doesn't allow the material to breathe and holds in moisture during condensation. I haven't heard of this happening on anyone using heat wraps after the catback or mufflers, but then again I also don't know anyone that uses heat wraps on the catback or mufflers. And assuming you're exhaust is standard I would guess that it's made of mild steel and would corrode faster. Another option could be HPC Coating (High Performance Coating) might be known as Thermal Barrier Coating in other areas. Much better albeit more expensive.
  5. those pedals are to die for. I feel like how my gf feels about shoes atm.
  6. Hey, Had to sign up and show my appreciation give you a big thank you for taking the time and effort to share your efforts and techniques with everyone. Your entire write up has left me in awe and amazement. I have enjoyed it thoroughly and hope you continue to share more of your works of art. Thank You. Regards, Benjamin...
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