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  1. I just asked a question I meAn that's fine but I got it all figured out was just making sure before I stArted
  2. Ok so I'm gonna run this sub at two ohms @1200 watt gain at 1/4-1/2, phase at 0 bass eq at 0 subsonic at 32hz lpf 60-100 depending bass level on head unit @ -3 and sub level at 3-7 everyone think I'll be ok
  3. Where u think I should have phase at I really don't understand what it does I understand the rest and where should i put the bass eq also
  4. Ok thanks kenany for all ur help man it means a lot sorry if ive been too much trouble ha
  5. What should I set my lpf to on the amp my box is 3.2 cu ft tuned to 37 hrtz i got my subsonic at 27-29 around there. Thebox is ported also
  6. Ok thank you so do u think I'll be fine if I keep the gains down obviously no boosts keeping bass on head unit like negative 3-5 and subwoofer at 7. I honestly planned on running the sub between 1/4-1/2 on gain to make sure
  7. yeah, IF yeah you can do that, but then i can see you wanting to turn the gain up little by little, wanting to get louder I'm smart enough to know that the gain isn't a volume knob ha
  8. I never said I didn't just figured I'd ask since u have doubt lol
  9. I know how to tune stuff generally but now u guys got me scared lol I just wanna make sure everything is right where should the phase be goes up to 180 and bass eq sub sonic level and low pass I know u guys probably won't know with out doing it here but just generally
  10. I definetly understand what everyone is saying I figured if I keep everything as in gains and all that down I'd be fine...
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