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  1. This is the second build that I've had in this van. I can only find pics of the original build ATM. The old install had 3x rockford t2's in the same box. Then this install I changed the doors, dash, boot and sub box cover panels. Anyway, here's the pics I have.
  2. Only vids i can find at the minute One from a local show and the other from a show in Scotland last year when i cracked the screen.
  3. Hi. After reading this forum for a long time, I thought it was about time i posted some pics of my own build. Its installed in a UK spec. Ford Fiesta Van, 2004. 3x MTX 9500 15" subs 2x MTX 92001. amps 4x 6" MTX comps 4x Oddesy pc 2150 batts 2x 150amp alts. Alpine source/dvd/tv tuner etc. Cheers for looking. All comments welcome. Gary. Belfast, Northern ireland.
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