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  1. Hey, I just looked through your whole build, nice work. I got some questions. I recently just picked up a Jimmy for myself (same as the Blazer). I'm just curious about the box you had for the HDC4's, do you recall the dimensions of the box? How far was the port from the back tailgate? I'm trying to figure out what I want to do with mine, but I want to keep the rear seats so I can still move some of my kids around if need be.
  2. I could put the port in the middle firing into the cabin with each 15 in there own chambers. I just can do a side port because of how the trunk curves at the sides.
  3. The port measurements in my drawing are external. Torres always confuses me because in I have the port length as 30, but than they give the physical length of 21.25".
  4. Ok thanks. And in the picture I drew up, the port is in the middle of the box coming down to the bottom turning into an L and running along the bottom of the box. Are those measurements correct that I have written down? Although I think the bottom should be 4.25" instead of 5 because of the 3/4" top piece that the port runs through.
  5. Ok, I got a good deal on a XFL15 so I picked it up. I'm looking at trying to get 2 15's squeezed into the trunk of my 2006 Jetta. I am going to have the subs firing into the cabin and port through the deck by the rear window. Can someone double check that my design will work out and that I filled the info out correctly on the Torres Calculator. I will also add an awesome image that I hand sketch so that you can get the idea of what's going on with my box design on how I am thinking of running the port.
  6. The 8's slam and get pretty low. It is probably my loudest setup yet. I love 8's because most people don't expect it. And I was trying to avoid filling the whole trunk. But getting two 12's is something I've been thinking about. Just don't want to waste the money and time if I won't really gain much.
  7. Hey, currently I'm running a Taramps HD3000 on four 8" Hippos. If I remember correctly my box is 2.95 cubic feet after all displacements tuned to 33hz. I'm almost thinking of switching out the 8's for 2 American Bass XFL 12's (they fit the price point). I know the 12's have slightly more cone area than the 8's. Would I notice much of a change in output for it to be worth the switch? I was thinking the box for the XFLs would be 4 cubes tuned to 30hz after displacements. I should be able to squeeze that in my Jetta trunk.
  8. Alright, things have changed a little. I am now awaiting the arrival of two more eights. So I have come up with this new box design and just want to confirm that I will be cutting it correctly. So the first part of the port that will be attached to the double baffle will be 13.5" high and 11" deep (plus the 1.5" baffle would make that part 12.5" total), and the attaching length would be 13.5" high and 23.25" long. Am I getting that right?
  9. Thanks for your help, unfortuantly I have zero patience and built the box already. I used .9 cubes of displacement when it should have been .09 cubes. So if I worked it out right, I've now got a box thats 2.85 cubes tuned to 27.5 hz.... At least I work at a cabinet shop so I can just remake another box. So this is what I worked out for the next one. For some reason it cuts the top off the image. The dimensions are 15" High, 37" wide and 11.5" deep. So with these new dimensions is the physical port length the length of the walls for the slot port? So I would have one piece cut at 7.5" x 13.5" and the other at 24.25" x 13.5"?
  10. Sorry, it's 14" high, 40.75" wide and 15" deep. I cut the one port piece at 10.125 and the other at 18.75.
  11. Hi, been out of car audio for years. I'm getting back into doing a mini system with some random stuff I have collected. I am using Torres box calculator and trying to figure out how big to cut my port pieces for a Slot Port. I'm using to Massive Hippo 8's. I want to use a 1" Baffle so I put the extra baffle as 1 and the baffle thickness as .5, the calculator didnt want to seem to move by entering just 1 in the thickness, it stayed the same as .75, as in the volume didn't adjust at all. Thanks for any help.
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