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  1. also not a head gasket unless you have smoke coming from the exhaust. also most likely not a stuck open injector because he would have another code for air fuel mixture being off, (low or high o2 sensor readings). also its a random misfire. which is an intermittent problem likely from a sensor going bad or a loose/ broken connection somewhere.
  2. its not the cat. there is nothing wrong with the cat. please stop saying the cat. you need 3 things to run an engine, air fuel, and spark. he need to look into each of those. he has air because he checked his air filter and there is no clogs. the only way to check for spark on his motor is to pull off that coil like the pic he has and put a spark tester on each coil and see if there is a spark when cranking. then he can check for fuel. he is obviously getting fuel because the car runs. but it may be an injector stuck open or closed. most likely closed. find your spark. these 4 cylinder grandams have a common problem with those coils going bad. find out which one is bad and replace it. dont even consider the cat, thats one of the dumbest things to look at first. maybe after you check every coil and sensor on the entire engine and that the pcm is functioning right.these also have a common problem with the window leaking water onto the passenger floor and dripping water right onto the pcm with is by the passenger feet under a plastic cover, which in turn rusts and corrodes the inside of the pcm making it short and not work properly. look into your spark and fuel first. bottom line.
  3. take one out and put it back together and start it. then repeat it till you find the bad cylinder. one of your coil plugs are probably bad
  4. with the car running unplug a wire one at a time. when you unplug one it should run even worse. plug it back it and move to the next one. there will be one plug that there will be no change when you unplug it. that one is your issue. start there.
  5. oh and by the way thats with no cutting. they just fit haha. i used the cheapest poineer speakers i could find. they sound great.
  6. just so you know you can fit 6 1/2 rounds in those roof speaker spots and still put the stock grills back on, trust me, ive done it. cant even tell they are aftermarket.
  7. i didnt read all 12 pages but this is on the first page and i just need to say something about this... that should be in the record book of worlds fastest anything.... 148 in the 1/8 miles is not possible lol. maybe a 1/4 mile but that would be much faster than a 10 second car even in the. more like 8 or 9 second... i dont mean to call you out or anything but that is physically impossible and even if you dont believe me the math doesnt add up either.
  8. i also do believe. i have not had personal experience in it but i actually really would so that i can be sure its real. but after my grandma passed i lived with my grandpa for a while and i always felt like i was being watched. the hair on my neck would stand up randomly and stuff like that. especially when my grandpa was not home. but i never had a "scared" feeling. i was freaked out because i felt like i was being watched but i was never actually scared to like be alone or walk into dark rooms or anything. i believe she was with me and she is in that house watching over me. my sister and my mom have also had experiences in hearing things and seeing stuff. and actually speaking of this i am home alone this weekend and whenever im in my house all alone i get the same feeling but im scared. ive never had anything happen but it sucks feeling scared in my own house... alone... and im 21 years old and still get these feelings.
  9. well if this is true about the rear view mirror i think my buddy has the loudest system in the country and probably the world. at normal volume the bitch goes from all the way up to pointing all the way down... and at half volume the bitch falls off. now what pussies! all your shits weak hahahaha
  10. whoot whoot i got my sticker in the mail today lol i cant wait for the contests hahaha
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