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  1. i did and they are fine. if you look at my build log and see them. but if you adjust them correctly they are fine. they are not in any ones eyes and im in a big pickup truck, like i said, just adjust them correctly like i did and they are fine.
  2. yea im tryng to figure something out like that but the only problem is im running them under my back seat in pickup. i may try to make a box or modify the prefab one i got specific for my truck. we will see haha. i will also have 2 of them in my truck, thanks for the info.
  3. cool thanks, do you no what the cuin of that box is? i have 2 sealed boxes at .66cu in each. how was that sub in a small box? did it hit real low? thanks again
  4. does anyone have videos of dc lvl 2 10s? i want to get some but i cant find any videos or even pictures of them.
  5. also do you think 2 8 in would be louder then 2 10 in polk audio subs?
  6. what do you have for a mount dept on your 8 and 10 in subs? i cant seem to find specs on them.
  7. play with it in your calc. just base your sq ft and size off that. and make your own box.
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